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Some answers to questions asked
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Published: 5 years ago
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Some answers to questions asked

To answer some of the questions regarding my cure (more like credit to Dr Ray Sayhalian for the cure). I used a small bowl like you would for steaming your face, later I used a shot glass, then I used a small stainless steel egg cup which was more comfortable because of the round shape, also you don't have to use much Epsom Salts in it so I can renew fresh each day. Yes I have sometimes had a pale tongue a sign of thrush and I noticed after soaking the lips for 30 minutes my tongue seems to get pinker as well, the salt goes through the lips into the mouth it seems. I would do the long soak at night for around 30 minutes then 6 minutes in the morning,and carefully brushed the lips before and during the soak, you will notice flakes of dead skin coming off...the procedure is boring but I held on seeing the results as they got better and better. Epsom Salts are very relaxing, sometimes what kept me going was that its so calming and I can feel my lips pulsate like they were drinking in the healing waters, if during the soak you see white just lightly brush it off and it will soak off into the water. When I first did it, I put too much salt in order to get healed quickly etc.. no.. you must put at least less than 10% of the salts per volume to water it should be like very mild sea water, too salty and your lips will peel as a reaction to the salt, don't forget we are trying kill the infection/yeast without DRYING out the newer healthy baby skin,

I've had this ailment since I was 12 going on 13 years old. I got it from biting my lips; trauma, there was probably yeast in my saliva (too many sweets!) I basically infected myself, and then came Chapstick which made it worse. The Epsom Salt soak unblocks the pores of the skin of the lips and allows blood to go there, where there is healthy blood circulating and salt, bacteria/yeast cannot flourish, the coconut oil which I used I use to think dried my lips out, was simply desiccating the already diseased skin but on wet skin/lips, the coconut oil glides on to the skin into the pores without drying them out.

I am wearing lipstick again today, I am doing it to see how the cure is fairing up, lipstick used to cause peeling within hours for me, so far nothing they are normal.

The reason I did the protocol for just over 28 days is because that is the time frame of healthy skin cells to be renewed.

I am not that great on the computer and so no, no pictures. When I got EC they peeled in a 3 day cycle (I didn't know how to control it) then to 7 when I started to moisturise with olive or almond oil ,with Noxema it went to day 11 ( it killed some of the infection for a bit I now realise) it went up to 16 days without peeling with manuka honey active with 15% hydrogen peroxide naturally occurring. The clue seemed to lie with the manuka honey, but after 16 days the bugs were back. Hydrogen peroxide I believe breaks down into oxygen where the bugs can't survive for long,but Epsom Salts /magnesium sulphate contains an oxygen molecule making it different to household salt. The oxygen in it is what blasts the yeast/fungi/bacteria etc.. plus the salt in it allows the skin to breath, to disinfect, and heal and gets rid of the hyphae under the skin.

only those with EC would understand how I feel not having to keep an eye on how the lips are on a day to day basis although I learned to stretch out peeling days. I now do feel weird not having to think about my lips, I am adjusting to this new found freedom. In the early days they were a little less bad than Daniel Millers, later I learned to moisturise and when they peeled, they peeled, I had an unknown condition that flummoxed doctors etc. My opinion on the medical profession is that they will prescribe drugs, laser, etc for ailments, but for this kind of condition will, rarely tell you about folklore remedies like Epsom salts for fungal infections.

The soaking works because the disease lies underneath the skin, and the hyphae of the yeast/bacteria is below the skin surface which is why no lip balm salve etc.. can adequately heal this condition if you have in an aggressive form as I did.

To close I am going to follow Ibinns protocal with the probiotic tablets he recommended and cut my lip soaking to about 5 minutes in the evening until I feel safe to stop the soaking. I now use Epsom salts for the bath etc so I will never stop use it, its a mineral our body needs. I know I am healed because even if I do a 5 minute soak they don't go white and I am able to wear lipstick without them horribly peeling, but this being yeast I think I may need to continue the soaking for about 5 minutes each day and keep watch because yeast can reoccur.

All Epsom salts work, organic, food grade whatever I used the cheap one for baths that did the trick.

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