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Re: Please help me with my acne :)
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Please help me with my acne :)

Your symptoms scream B6 deficiency. B6 is needed for both skin and moderating estrogen in the body. B6 does a couple hundred other things too. It controls inflammation, most notably. So if you have hormone related problems (endometriosis), skin problems as well as joint or muscle pain, nerve pain (carpal tunnel, aching feet, back pain)... it's probably a B6 issue. You also mentioned a miscarriage (I'm so sorry). Definitely get some B6, it lowers prolactin levels which are associated with miscarriage. B6 is the hormone regulator vitamin.

B6 is also the vitamin we need to make serotonin. And from serotonin we make melatonin. Low B6 can cause Depression and sleep problems.

B6 is also important for the use of Iodine in the body. Many people think Iodine is a miracle cure for everything. And Iodine is amazing. But it doesn't do it's magic alone. Each person's experience with iodine will completely depend on their body's status in other nutrients. This is why it's so important to take ALL the vitamins and minerals, never just a few. A person low in B6 could take 50mg of iodine and not notice much because it just passes through the body unused. B6 is required to transport iodine into the glands where it needs to go. A person who has A LOT of B6 could experience problems starting with even small amounts of iodine, causing hyperthyroid symptoms. This is VERY dangerous, and it will adversely impact your health by further depleting you of many nutrients. I believe this is why there is so much controversy over iodine. How much we need and whether iodine is safe depends on each person's nutritional status.

Ideally, start with B6 alone. After a couple months, then add iodine slowly. But if you've already started with iodine (which is how I did it), you should go slow with B6, backing off iodine if you experience adverse affects, especially rapid heart rate.

A couple other things too. (It's really helpful that you put so much info in your post. Your full diet, supplements, etc, that really helps.)

Large doses of B5 can compete for absorption with biotin, which is important for skin. You might consider lowering your B5 dose and adding a lot of biotin. Depending on how long you've taking the 500mg of B5, you could have gotten out of balance with biotin.

A diet high in raw fish can cause thiamine deficiency. Raw fish contains thiaminases, an enzyme that splits thiamine and makes it unabsorbable. Low thiamine can mimic hypothyroidism. Symptoms are almost an exact match. Thiamine is an extremely dangerous vitamin deficiency to have. Very large doses of thiamine are required once a deficiency sets in because we lose the ability to absorb and transport thiamine. This is the boat I'm in at the moment. Seems I had to learn everything the hard way.

Dairy products are probably the best source for riboflavin. Just be sure you're getting enough riboflavin from somewhere. I learned this the hard way. Low riboflavin is needed for hundreds of things, including activating B6, and other b-vitamins.

Green, black and white tea all come from the plant "camilla sinensis". This plan grows mainly in the soils of India and china, where fluoride content is very high. And this plant is the highest concentrator of fluoride. I know green tea is supposed to be good for you, but unfortunately, it has risks too. Never soak your bags more than two or three minutes to avoid the fluoride leaching into your tea. Fluoride will cause thyroid problems and pineal gland problems. It will affect your ability to make melatonin (sleep problems).

Tea also contains anti-thiamine compounds. As does coffee. I had to give up both.

No alcohol and no Sugar are the best choices you can make for your health. Both are total nutrient depletors. So good on you for doing that.

Come back and tell us how it goes.


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