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Re: Autolysis and 'C' Research

Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Autolysis and 'C' Research

Traditionaly we have been trained and thus we are predisposed to think only of killing the unwanted. Tho mimicing our body's ability to eradicate using H2O2, Vit C or other oxidising agents can be helpful and even successful, more often than not if the cellular environmental conditions arent metobolicly improved our ailling condition either reappears, morphs or moves to another area of our body.

Furthermore if we use oxidisers at large concentrations or for lengths of time and not account for the free radicals being created by taking large doses of free radical scavengers we will create more stress and breakdown in our systems. Thus using Oxidisers that mimic our bodies abilites needs may be beneficial for numerous minor situations but may not be as good a choice as we assume when we are faced with serious illness. And this is where a more consise understanding of how our systems work and how they become subpar is extremly helpful and important in knowing how to end serious ailments.

Our bodies particular abilities to erradicate disease may be seen as less important than our bodies overall ability to naturally stay healthy/balanced.(This is related to how we switch from an Aerobic(high PH) to an Anaerobic(low PH) state, and it's implications for pathogen activity and dormancy). And this is why so many still suffer from symptoms of degenerating cell conditions tho man has found and used many antibiotic agents, natural and contrived. If our cellular/organ functioning isnt rehabilitated, no oxidising agent or therapy will suffice to end our woes. (Many people using oxidisers dont consider when using the blood stream, that our blood is only about 20% of our fluid by volume, so that while we may affect it's health by using powerfull IV H2O2 or O3, we often still suffer from the ailment due to it's being more wholisticly located in our system). 

There can be a number of reason why your systems are acting as they are. Why you developed the symptoms you describe, and didn't achieve what you wanted/expected by fasting. (And fasting without tecniques like using alkalinisers like fruit, grass and or vegetable juices or other free radical scavengers(ie vit C) as mentioned is usually counterproductive because healthy productive fasting is not about depriving as much as it is about correcting, cleansing, accentuating and assisting the regaining of systems health (I have little(no) respect for Shelton as quasi health promoter or person and especially the misinformation on what is or isn't "real" fasting).  

You can still figure it out and correct the concern w some investigation, diagnosis and effort at assisting your system (before cutting).

Tennants book "Cancer's On and Off Switches" (and it is about basic subpar health states not just cancer) is an informative and cutting edge human systems biology text.

Study Tennant's work:

If you are not taking Iodine, the cells and organs fluid expression ability(elimination ect) will be as limited.

I think of autolysis as a response to our system fireing up and getting into proper balance and function rather than our system eating the unwanted.

Research has shown that our cells abilities are predicated on the oxygen they can utilize, the raw materials available, and the degree they may be comprimized by toxins(pathogen action and waste, heavy metals). And the oxygen availability is determined by the Voltage they are running at. With a low Voltage a cell becomes slowly deprived of oxygen which causes low energy creation. If the cell V is too low to keep energy requirments up, the created anerobic conditions outcomes start a decline into early untimely cell death.

Normal Voltage(-25mv) is equalibrium, high voltage (-50mv) (inflamation) is a sign our cells are rebuilding, low voltage(masses, grey slow healing or unable to heal tissue) (-10mv) is a sign of our cells inability to keep up with it's requirments.

(this is why 'Archus' mentions earthing, because in physically connecting with the earth we are connecting with a large electron field, and if we connect a large surface area, like our bare back(or to be buried as in ancient practices)(tho our bare feet are excellent and part of the natural design), we are also allowing that electrical earth field to be in an overall interface and complete any of our circuitry routes which are presently down or blocked (emotional blocks, dental infection blocks, scar tissue blocks, of our fascia circuitry). This is how Polarity Screens achieve their value also, by bypassing our normal circuitry routes, so as to feed current to subpar/blocked units). 

(Intersting fact that tho the human body cell Voltage seems low, if we compute the cell membrane(the battery of the cell) voltage by using it's size between the inner and outter walls of the membrane, the voltage increases to a very high almost unbelievable potential of 100,000 V per meter). (human spontaneous conbustion, tummo, ect ect) 

One of Gerson's main contributions was in his understanding of how to unprecedentedly, influence his patients systems to use the very high doses of Vit A he was giving them by using multiple daily Coffee Enemas. His treatments and Hoxeys and Essiac are among the most successful treatments to have been used against cancer. Hoxey's blood cleaning herbal mixture(w similar to Essiac ingredients) cured tens of thousands over years going back to his father who started using the mixture on horses w such success that it naturally bloomed into a regular treatment for cancers in humans. Hoxey had many MDs investigating and supporting his cancer treatments till his clinic was shut down in 1960?.

Maybe the easiest thing you could do is up your nutrition with(complete foods) daily multiple oz of chlorophyll juice or raw milk(w digestive assistance) and take CoQ10 500mgs a day to reaquire some cellular energy that is obviously missing. I would take Z Bush's product "RESTORE" 

And did I mention IODINE !!! 

I see from your previous posts that------------------ youve been working at it.

Steve Jobs is a good example of an illness treatment not considering (and w a Vegan choice of diet plan actually opposing) our bodies serious fat requirments of 20%, filling our voltage/oxygen energy creating relationship needs. (Since our cell's energy storage inside of our cells membrane consists of lipids(fats), to meet our cells energy requirments we need to include adequate fat in our diet for the running of overall cell function and health)


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