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Re: dyshidrosis or dyshidrotic Eczema
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: dyshidrosis or dyshidrotic Eczema

I have something I want to share & hope it works for others. Although I have always been allergy prone and have very sensitive skin.... in February 2013 horrible stress & ailments began. It was a perfect storm ... dental surgery, severe grief/stress .... abrupt life changes, etc.. All I know is within one week of Feb. 7, 2013 so much went wrong no one could believe it. I broke out in hives basically on every square inch of my body... everywhere! And I mean everywhere... & inside my mouth down my throat... tongue, everything. It was life-threatening (my throat closing up rapidly from anything) & diagnosis went everywhere, too... from lichen planus to finally urticarial vasculitis - chronic urticaria with severe angioedema.... Everything in my life changed & pain was excruciating. So, since I could do nothing but resolve my condition... I no doubt tried everything from cold baths, bleach, vinegar, natural remedies, strict diet eliminating all wheat, flours, wine, cheese ... basically almost starving at times... but drinking distilled water .. & praying without ceasing. Over the years, I did get some of the outbreaks to diminish... & I avoided the obvious which would set off a new life-threatening episode .. my face swelling up so severe my eyes were completely swollen shut. The obvious triggers were - raising my blood pressure (any & all stress), talking (it raises blood pressure), parabens, all soaps & shampoos & creme rinses, bug sprays, lawn sprays, sunlight, air pollution, heat, etc... & any industrial fermentation products - which I found out is really in everything now & if you read about the practices of this in our foods - you will definitely be shocked at how much we put our bodies through .... auto-immune actually is a legitimate way the body reacts to horrible bacterial & virus onslaughts. So, along with everything else people may recommend ... yes - please try what would work for you individually & with your doctor... as many things can help with the pain & recovery including a vegetable & seed diet.

So, after several years to 2015 - I really had the angioedema & hives under pretty good control by the Grace of God .. Thank God! However, in 2015 I contracted some kind of virus from a restaurant food I believe... which set everything off again --- but once I was through the worst... my hands began this dreaded dyshidrosis! I looked up everything I could on this.. & again tried everything... My hands were so bad, swollen, useless, painful, ... & huge social disgrace trying to hide them.

I noticed that water or getting them wet at all increased the breakouts. Cotton gloves with plastic gloves over the cotton gloves was the only way I could wash my hair, etc.. During this time I kept reading how staph & strep bacteria were everywhere & always on our skin... some people being better carriers of it to slough it off on everything. I used alcohol &/or bleach wipes to keep the exposure less. I had read where cornstarch was an anti-bug natural remedy to put into the crevices of your house & floor boards ... as there were some ant problems in my house & I could obviously not use ANY bug spray or most cleaning products. Well.. Praise God! the cornstarch worked in keeping my home bug free.

During these past years, I had tried different powders .... medicated or anti-fungal, etc.... to relieve itching & breakouts.... but like Benadryl NOTHING really helped.... I bought a new Johnson's baby powder of "pure constarch" with aloe & vitamin E... & noticing it said it absorbs moisture... I determined that my hands were only better when they were overly dry... So, I put some in a plastic bag *so I wouldn't inhale any powder)- & "washed" my hands in this pure cornstarch. Wow! it really began relieving my hands! I kept this up... & like I would go out of my way to NEVER get my hands wet.. but just leave them totally covered all the time in cornstarch rubbed in constantly. Within about two months, my hands were really pretty good... by three months it was a regular routine & I was actually excited & amazed to have my hands back at all. It has now been over 7 months & no outbreaks! Thank you Jesus!

When I start to feel anything ... especially two fingers often start-up & sometimes my palms get the characteristic bumps... I immerse & rub in the cornstarch! It stops the new eruption / breakout cold!.. I have also found it stops most of my hives on my face, too - if they ever get in contact with whatever might trigger the angioedema /urticaria problem.

My theory on this is strictly an opinion, but I believe my body's immune system is re-acting to real threats of bacteria, virus, mold, etc.. from contact on my skin to my internal intestines. Since I have a very strict diet - I am not exposing myself to huge amounts of industrial fermentation - bacteria, etc.. inside... and as far as outside contact.... I believe when I touch something on my skin or hands which no doubt contains the typical staph / strep bacteria everywhere. the cornstarch somehow surrounds the bacteria & prevents the site from getting further deep into my skin..... whereas washing my hands in water & any soap... kind of opens the skin pores more allowing the bacteria to go deeper into the skin. I also ALWAYS wash my hair, hands etc... in the coldest water I can stand as otherwise the heated up skin/ scalp will have a re-action.

As this remedy has worked for me (& my daughter, too - who has some skin problems) - I have been meaning to post it for others to find - since I gained a lot of insight during all these years from the support groups etc.. for severe skin & auto-immune disorders.

Best to all of you & much love! ... & may God bless all!

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