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Re: Hunger, Bloated, Shaky, Faint, etc?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Hunger, Bloated, Shaky, Faint, etc?

I have sometimes had similar issues. (not lyme or POTS though)
heres what I did. it did help me. I am also a quite slim she, with a cortisol issue. and psycho hunger where by I out eat almost anyone I have ever met.

1 - took some supplements... yes pregnenolone was one, but low does (like ½- ¼ of a 50-100gm cap) I never too consistent does as the body synthesises this in its system for 5 days or so - and never long term, maybe three weeks. did help my hormones, energy, libido, gave me a sparky inner peace if that makes sense..., add brewers yeast, have ACV before meals, even with molasses for vitamins. try spiralina for nutrients and hunger suppressant. I also did maca and siberian ginseng...with very occasional careful use of liquorice tea when I was flat... never past lunch though
hey you might be low in vitamins and your body is trying to compensate?

2- put down the grains!!! back away! don't do it! if you have nasties in your tummy they will much on them.. and if you have sensitivities cut them out until you have all you issues under control and add in the ones that are ok on a trial one by one.. i.e.... one week brown rice... if ok, add quinoa.... know which ones are really nasty for you

3- get as many hours before midnight sleep. do not consume stimulants. esp, choc, and nasty sugars. chamomile before bed, or aniseed, sleep inducing teas. alternatively have essential oils next to the bed to make sure you REALLY sleep.

4- have almonds as your friend... carry them everywhere. I had them as soon as i put my feet on the ground in am, or a handful before a meal... find something as protein-y like it and mix it up... but let it be your safe place... I devised the "energy-cup" which is essentially, tahini, molasses or honey, nuts, seeds, dry fruit, mac powder, carob power, sometimes sprirulina and chlorea powders with a big does of coconut oil... the fat is what you need, mixed with a sml amount of healthy sweeteners and protein... I allowed myself this at any time... I would jazz it up and add berries, fresh cream, or other goodies I happened to have on hand. I did not put on enormous amounts of weight from this.

4b- i did 14 days of 6 small meals of veg and white meat per day. it regulated me and after that i did some intermittent fasting. the 6 small meals at 2-3hour intervals did wonders for me....

5- as one person said Iodine and turmeric and bicarb are your friend too. for bloating ginger tea and walk... if still there fast till your body passes it.

As for lyme/parasites... thats a loooong journey..
-grated carrot
-blk walnut
-fresh ground clove

or the prescription abendozol.

none of these will work if they are out of the gut and intra-organ or intra-muscular.

Liver Flushes and enemies can help... there are lots of interesting enima recipes.

by the way... don't trust the docs or their unreliable diagnostics... you'd be better off with your own research... find a doctor who when you go there YOU tell THEM what you want and they just play along with what you tell them and sign what you want... other than that they are useless...
Naturopaths are slightly better but in the end they cost a whole lot for not too much results and you end up getting passed on to someone else, or just ongoing tests, when they can't figure it out... why be their guineapig when you can do that yourself?

hope that helped a bit and may you be cured by the curer of all.

by the way I also had skin issues and this did wonders for it too....

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