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Need Help Diagnosing (Lyme/Parasite/Blastocystis/Candida)?
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Published: 5 years ago

Need Help Diagnosing (Lyme/Parasite/Blastocystis/Candida)?

I am desperately hoping someone can point me in the right direction on what is going on with me. I have been sick for 4 years with no end in site. I have been to sonoviv in mexico, california for lyme, Lahey clinic and have seen numerous docs both conventional and alternative with no success.

Constipation - worse with Sugar and carb intake
Rectal itching
Vaginal itching
Night sweats
Vaginal bleeding
Blood clots only during menstruation
Insomnia/trouble sleeping
Joint pain
Pain all over (relieved a bit with anti inflammatory meds or Tumeric)
Muscle twitching
Pain in intestines
Throbbing in belly esp after eating
Tingling all over esp after eating
pH regulation issue....too acidic
Stretching feeling in belly after eating. Intestines stretching sensation feels like they're going to explode.
Cracking/crunching sound in head area
Two benign tumors removed from large intestine.

1.pH regulation treatments, lyme and mycoplasma treatment, detoxification and immune building treatments. Symptom free for 3 weeks and then it all came back.
2. Agrisept - approx. 75% improvement for approx. 3-4 weeks. Remaining symptoms were possibly issues with toxicity....tingling, cracking in head, muscle twitching. Agrisept stopped working after this period of time.
3.IV treatments for pH acidity issues....only lasted a few days. Significant improvement in inflammation/pain
4.IV DMSA for mercury detoxification. Deep squeezing in upper intestines. Slight improvement for a couple of days with inflammation issues.
5. FCT remedy for unknown protozoa. Similar reaction to ALA IV from above, significant worsening of joint and pain, worsening of vaginal and rectal itching, swelling in vulva area, warts or the like broke out on my hands (in homeopathy this is an indication that the body is trying to push the disease to the surface), worsening of abdominal pain.
6.Oil of Oregano for BH/similar. Deep pain in upper intestines. Nausea. Grew resistant within 3 treatments.
7. Allicin treatment. Similar response deep pain in upper intestines, nausea, vomiting, flu like symptoms after I took the pills. Developed some sort of allergic response to this remedy.
8. Clarika 100 and of course many dozes of Antibiotics including flagyl.
9. All mercury fillings removed and surgery performed to fix abscess in gums from wisdom teeth.
9. Whole home water filtration system to remove all heavy metals and chemicals.
10. Have tried every diet under the sun with no significant change.

If any of this looks familiar, please point me in the right direction as I have never had a firm diagnosis. I am desperate to get over this stage of my life.

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