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Dog Poet Transmitting.......
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Published: 30 months ago
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Dog Poet Transmitting.......


I try to see beyond it all to that glimmer of the hope of light approaching. Only the ineffable can bring about the necessary changes in consciousness. It is beyond the scope of any soul here, save for the invisible rishis, who are always at work in the backdrop behind the veils of appearances. We are seldom aware of all the selfless and compassionate souls who labor in unified harness for the salvation of this tormented world. The hands of the cosmic clock go round and round, while the painted harlots go up and down (with apologies to Joni Mitchell).

These days, the worst of us are worse than we might ever have imagined they could be and the better representatives are either afraid or distracted. There is no measure of right and wrong anymore, unless you are not 'connected'. Then we have some variation on 'too bad for you.' The bad guys, well... they got the wind of vultures beneath their wings. They have a carrion scented deodorant. It is as if something really did crawl up and die there. One reaches out and one reaches in but there is no sustainable purchase in either place. One's hands come away and stink of putrification is on them. It is like trying to hold on to a zombie well past their sell by date. You have to move silent and in solitary directions, hoping that either night, or the darkness of collective ignorance will conceal your flight.

I wonder sometimes what I am doing, calling attention to all of those things that few want to hear about. I should be traveling with the circus I think, or operating as an usher in a revival tent. I'd like to preach the message of Jesus Christ but I see what it got him and I see what happens when you are not after the money. Seriously, I don't know what happened to Jesus Christ. I've heard a lot of theories and I don't trust the historical record. If all they have done is lie, regardless of whether it is William Shirer or Bertrand Russell... I'm trying to recall someone who did tell the truth. I'm guessing Martin Luther would qualify and Solzhenitsyn. You really have to use a trained discrimination to come to any objective awareness anymore. The truth is a troublesome conveyance. Whatever fear attends your piggy back ride avocation, you're going to find yourself at a disadvantage.

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