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The Motor Noise Coming out of the Ground
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Published: 7 years ago

The Motor Noise Coming out of the Ground

In Nov 2013 while inside my house one day I started hearing a noise that sounded like a lawn mower motor running just outside. But upon opening the window there was no lawn mower apparent and the noise seemed to disappear or wasn't distinquishable from the normal daytime outdoor noise. After closing the window the vibration and discernable but low pitched motor running noise, which seemed to hit me at a gut level, vibrating at maybe 30 hertz, was apparant. And since that day its not stopped. Its happening 24 hours a day with the vibration lessening, or coming on noticeably, at certain times of the day or night. From 8 to 10 pm it's very noticeable. And from 9 to 11 in the am also.

I roamed the hood at different times trying to track it. I made a dish listening device to find it. I talked to a sound tracker who for a min of a thousand would come over and of course could promise nothing. I just wanted verification then. A read out graph of the vibration that I was sure was there, but none of my neighbors was noticing and didn't say so but obviously thought I was up to my usual head case stuff.

Here it seems to emanate out of the ground and I can feel it in the ground at the exact freq I feel it inside my house. The ground here is clay so sound can travel well and so as I follow it up my street, in the dead of night, it disappears and is mainly surfacing around my house (another challenge). The utility poles close to my place resonate and I thought once that it might be a bad circuit or? backing up and vibrating but it doesn't seem to be related (the utility co replaced the transformer on the closest pole w no affect). I can feel it in the poles, on the sidewalk, the block wall ect ect. Its pertinent that its noticeable worse in certain rooms and in the quiet garage the noise is very strong.

At one point I slept in my yard in a tent for a month it was so annoying (which was pretty cool in its own right). The nighttime cricket noises ect masked, to a degree, the noise filling my very small sleeping room, which is one of the rooms where it is most noticeable.

After a year or so I started to ignore it so successfully that I only notice it now 'mostly' at the times it comes on or lessens. At first, at night, I would remind myself that it's the motor of the ship I'm on. It goes up and down, just a bit. Like a reciprocal motor's constant idle speed will. Uuuuuup Doooooown a few rpm. I figure it quiets down as the frequency changes enough to be resurfacing not so directly in my exact location. ( I live around mostly old people(I'm one actually) who cant hear and don't notice a lot, and young people who are not only usually going a mile a min but have a phone in their hand or ear, so not a lot of interest from any of them. I use it as a vehicle for allowing, an anytime I notice it meditation technique.

So yeah, Taos hum, lots of names, lots of reports over the years. I first heard about it 20 years ago and didn't have to think much further; then.

One idea is that it is powerful, high amplitude, low frequency series of waves that roll thru the ground and where the fields extension outter limits are, it surfaces and is noticeable. Or perhaps it is more than one wave, with an intersecting causing a particular resonance at their interface.

Either way maybe as the field travels, parts of it or all of it is going up and down into the earth, surfacing maybe miles apart and perhaps rising out of the surface in a small ( 50sq yards?) area before the frequency part of the wave shape resumes its path downward. And if we are in the sub surface area no problem, but if we are where it surfaces, we are the crazies who hear the Hum.

I hear it right now, and feel it in my feet, that's how I usually describe it now to someone. As a ground vibration that we can hear too. I'm in a quiet room. Its a rotating motor sound with a fairly constant humming reciprocal like rolling RPM. But if I go outside, no or much less aural action, mostly outside its the ground vibration. Outside I hear the birds and the mixed noises of the neighbor hood, but under it all there's a sound and the ground is vibrating.

I was happy to find this site, tho I don't think its very active. I registered my vibration and found some reports within miles of me, so my idea of the distant repetitive surfacing wave, was fed data.

The sound expert told me that he flew to Phoenix and found a noise that was bugging some family was a newly installed pool circulation motor a couple of hundred yards away. It was buffered with some rubber and the "hum" for them was gone.

yeah some people say its the giant undisclosed secret underground hi way system, and the secret digging of tunnels by black ops ect.

Some say it's all the accumulated modern frequencies resonating together, morphing and playing havoc with us.

Originally I thought it was a newly built giant hospital complex's generator system, some miles away.

Now that Ive learned to ride with it or sleep with it, and that it doesn't seem like it will end anytime soon, I use it as a vehicle for allowing, an anytime I notice it meditation technique, and I take it as just another symptom of living in the material world (course even the less material worlds have their annoying humms. Perhaps distractions like my neighbor being seriously annoyed by the beautiful Jacaranda blossoms covering his yard once a year when they fall, Dang what a problem).

Some years ago when So California had that 24 plus hour electrical black out, due to operator error in AZ (they claimed) (and it was a year or more before my vibration/motor running noise came on so no test could be done), what a peaceful event it was. We hadn't been freed from the constant inundation from the Electrical Grind since the early 20th cent perhaps. I thought we should do this once a year, and many agreed. It was like the entire atmosphere was cleansed and our minds were free from some previously unrealized interference. No TV no lights, so people got out and walked around the neighborhood unlike they had done in what seems like eons(before 100 TV channels), excepting the few who huddled inside afraid of the dark, their mind stream warping with thoughts of break ins and other potential criminality.

Another mind romp analysis mega hoot from vairagi
(As I finish the vibration has lessened by half, 12 oclock right on schedual)


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