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Exfoliative cheilitis treatment?
peelinglipsguy Views: 1,309
Published: 6 years ago

Exfoliative cheilitis treatment?

To start off, I'm a 16 yo male. Around 2 or 1.5 years ago, my lips got really dry and flakey and I just remember peeling large portions of the skin off, sometimes until there was a lot of bleeding and pain. It was the middle part of my top lip and most of my bottom lip that peeled. I would do this every day or other day. There didn't seem to be any swelling, and looking back I don't know why I didn't apply any lip balm/moisturizers or simply stop peeling the skin. It continued on for a few months, and when I started applying chap stick, I remember that when I left the balm on throughout the day, my skin was a lot easier to peel (especially when washed in water); the skin itself became very weak, soft, and just came off very easily. I think the swelling started about a year after all this happened. This is what has been frustrating me the most, I can't get over it and it makes me feel embarrassed in public. This inflammation seems to be particularly bad as it swells up bottom and top lip and makes them look twice the normal size and gross. It just hurts me every time i see anybody or pictures of just anybody because I always pay attention to how healthy and normal their lips makes me really realize how much I took my lips before this condition for granted. During this time of the swelling, most of my upper lip (not just middle part) started peeling as well. The swelling isn't temporary, I believe it is permanent now (lips are swollen everyday). I'm not sure what exactly caused the swelling, most likely the damaging irritation of the lips from peeling the skin so much. It was only a few months ago that I finally stopped peeling my lips and started applying coconut oil, aquaphor, lanolin, Vaseline but they didn't significantly help (might've inflamed my lips more). About 2 months ago, I visited my dermatologist and he prescribed me with topical steroid called triamcinilone acetonide (oral paste) and vaniply ointment as an alternative for Vaseline. I've been using the steroid for about 2 months and it does seem to slow down peeling but it has no significant effect. I used the vaniply for a shorter period and it didn't help much either. Later he gave me 2 options: allergy patch test or biopsy (cut the lip and take out some tissue to find a clear diagnosis). He had ruled out stress as a cause of my condition. I chose and have yet to take the patch test. Today, I stopped using Chapstick and topical steroid as my mom doesn't want me to. I've recently been increasing my water intake (2 or 3 bottles a day) and also did a Liver Flush (grapefruit juice and olive oil) which I'll probably do again this or next week. I noticed that when I don't apply any form of moisturizer or steroid, my lips get really dry (duh) and the layer of dry skin forms fast. Then, My lips just feel uncomfortable and a tiny bit itchy with slight burning sensation. They also seem to swell up even more. Get ready for it: My parents suggested that a possible cause of all this could be self-gratification. I have no idea if it has any causation but I did start excessively masturabating about 2 years ago (roughly same time peeling started). By excessive I mean 5-7 times a week. I've started to limit my wanking to at most twice a week (I'm trying to do once a week or even better, once every 2 weeks , OR not at all) as I hope in this case the correlation does imply causation. Idk maybe since the playing with yourself, spanking the monkey takes a lot of the body's energy, it depleted nutrients to the lips, I have no idea. Spicy foods of course inflame my lips and so does toothpaste(I've started using natural tea tree oil toothpaste), and my lips are also larger in the mornings and almost every time after I eat a meal. I haven't been peeling anything for a little more than 2 months but shit's still the same. but still if this continues I'll prolly never have a girlfriend cuz who would want to kiss these big grody uglass lips? But fr, this has been so stressful and a huge frustration, I've already cried countless times over it, I WOULDNT WISH THIS ON MY WORST ENEMY. pls help, what do I do? Do u hav any suggestions or remedies that you've heard helped others? I would greatly appreciate it, thank you:)
Additional info: I maintain a mostly healthy Diet (oatmeal, eggs, spinach, asparagus, brown rice, chicken, beef, mushrooms, some dairy, fruits, etc) overall nothing fatty or high in sugar. I've been working out for the past 2 months.

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