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Re: Lyme Disease Cured by Colloidal Silver
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Lyme Disease Cured by Colloidal Silver

RE: ...I have no way of analysing it and analysis is likely to cost a lot of money and without that I think it would provide less information than details about the generation process that you used to make it. 
I think you misunderstood. The intent was to use the solution in hopes of helping you decide whether or not you'd want to invest in such a process method.

RE: Does it have any control of current via a potentiometer etc?
I've chosen to use current limiting diodes in my own setup since my configuration(electrode size/distance etc) is fixed and where these are very simple to implement. That said, it would be quite possible to substitute this with a variable current limiting circuit should the need arise. 


RE: Does it have some form of stirrer
The answer is yes, as a stirrer is integral in the production of high quality colloidal silver solutions. - ie, dispersing ions from the anode boundary etc


RE:  and if so what method does it use?
I personally prefer the use of a magnetic stirrer for its simplicity and effectiveness. Though I'd add that the use of a mechanical stirrer is also possible with the addition of measures to control cross-contamination.

PS. the worst possible scenario in cases such as these however, would be the use of air(bubbler etc). If not only for its severely limited capacity for dispersion, but more so, for the added cross-contamination that comes with the admission of oxygen(enrichment) into the solution. - thus promoting the formation of silver oxides and further destabilization.


RE: Is it entirely manual or is there any automation? 
Since my own process will run in under 18mins, I've chosen to keep the setup manual. - safe the addition of a timer . That said, it wouldn't be very difficult to automate this with a micro-controller such as an Arduino to either; collect telemetry, or carry out simple functions such as suspending or terminating an operation based on conditions etc. Though I never opted for this personally as the batch is usually finished by the time I'm done cleaning the first set of cathodes. 


RE: what voltage level for generation does it use?
I run my own setup(electrode sizing, etc) at 42v DC so as to keep the cell running as close to maximum potential throughout processing. That said, I'd add that it's important to note that the voltage in this particular case is merely a carrier from which the current(mAh) is delivered into the cell to do the work.

NB. the efficiency of an electrolytic cell can be managed by reading the voltage drop between the electrodes throughout processing. This in turn, provides the means from which to control the potential of the cell and inherent properties of the particulate(size, shape, net structure), as well as calculate saturation(ppm). 


RE: I assume the larger silver electrodes that you hinted at are how you are able to produce the  Colloidal Silver so quickly by having a larger surface area, is that correct?
Correct. The rate of production(ion distribution) within the cell is proportionate to the size and capacity of the Anode. That said, the rule of thumb in this particular case is; 1 mAh p/sq. inch of total wetted surface area. 


RE: ATM I am trying to find a design that does what I need, as all so far have proved deficient in one way or another.
Perhaps I can help. ie, can you elaborate further as to what your particular needs are? 


RE: So I can get an idea of what it would cost me to build it can you tell me what additional equipment that I would require?
I'd say that the setup costs will depend on how far down the rabbit hole a person is willing to go. ie, In this field, we can scratch the surface, or dig deep into the depths of laboratory process methods in pursuit of more stringent parameters. - ie, < 3nm /30+ ppm. 


RE:  I have suffered from Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome for over 20 years and I know the cause which has been very frustrating because all attempts to beat it have been blocked because the items that would help cannot be purchased by the public only research companies and educational establishments. 
Sounds like both you and your Aunt could benefit from the use of an advanced Colloidal Silver solution coupled with the addition of a secondary treatment or protocol. - see: Beck Blood Purifier /electroporation device. 


RE: Large batches quickly are less important to me than quality and small particle size ie low current. Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome has taught me patience but that is being severely tested by frustration ATM
Generally speaking, the higher the quality of the solution(particle size, stability etc) in terms of production, the more complex and expensive the process will be. That said, there are numerous limitations that come with what I'd call the common LVDC Colloidal Silver generators being sold today, in that none of them(to my knowledge) actively deal with the issue of solution stability and inherent particle size/ quality beyond the fundamental basics. To which I'd add, is likely attributed to the complexity and costs of the measures required to accomplish this.

PS. I've also learned(over time), that many, if not most  conditions can potentially be treated with what I'd call, modest solutions. So long as these solutions are relatively stable(ie, oxidation and precipitation), and that the pathology(ppm/dosage) is sufficient to treat the condition.

- Hope this helps


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