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Hunger, Bloated, Shaky, Faint, etc?

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ninamarie8253 Views: 2,996
Published: 7 years ago

Hunger, Bloated, Shaky, Faint, etc?

Can you guys please help me? I literally don't know what to do. I know I have wrote about this a lot, but I'm not really getting answers from doctors or the internet and I'm not sure who to turn to anymore.

2.5 years ago at age 21 I had my first 'episode' and was soon diagnosed with POTS. I recently I found out I had antibodies to Lyme and was never treated, so Lyme disease might be the cause of my POTS (starting treatment for it now). But I'm not sure if the symptoms I have now are from POTS or Lyme or what.
When I first got POTS, anytime I ate I went into these 'episodes', so I was scared to eat. Now it's switched, I will eat a normal meal (I'm gluten free and vegan besides eating eggs, I eat probably 1,600 calories a day), and 2hrs later my stomach tightens/convulses, I get lots of burping (even drinking water makes me burp), so much bloating that people have asked me if I was pregnant, I am SO hungry I could eat Anything in front of me, I start getting panicky, I get an irregular/racing heart rate, my body gets weak, lightheaded, tunnel vision, confused, tingly/shaky jaw and limbs, I feel the urge to just cry, and all hell breaks loose until I take a TUMS or eat something heavy/filling (fruit won't do it!). On a really bad day I'll even wake up in the middle of the night confused, shaky, nauseous and STARVING. Mornings are worst. Walking or a deep tissue massage over my stomach Sort of helps, but it won't stop an episode. And it SUCKS when this happens while I'm at work in meetings and I need to pretend like I'm not about to faint right now. I've also gained 20lbs from this in 1.5yrs (which is NOT normal for me, I was always a skinny twig. Now I'm 5'3" at 125lbs). But never any pain thank God.

I went to the gastroenterologist recently and we did an ultrasound and an endoscopy, but they said my stomach/esophagus looks beautiful. In the past, a stool test showed bacteria in my gut was out of control and I had low bile, I had antibodies to gluten/sesame, I was CDC positive for having had Lyme through IGG markers but only had some IGM markers positive (so I question if I still have an active infection), my hormone tests show low DHEA and high cortisol (but I don't feel stressed? But I hear infections can do that), tachycardia upon standing and palpitations (aka POTS), a mild UTI, etc. My blood Sugar is always perfect before, during and after episodes, I checked it regularly with my glucose monitor.

-If my gut bacteria use to be out of control and I have horrible bloating, perhaps its SIBO or Candida? But I've tried supplements aimed towards killing yeast/bacteria/fungus in the gut and I see no difference.
-If my bile was low, is something wrong with my gallbladder that DRs are not picking up?
-Why would Tums stop the hunger if it was bacterial/yeast? If this is acid related, can that cause bloating/hunger?
-If I have a gluten intolerance, does that mean I have like leaky gut? And would that cause crazy hunger/faint symptoms?
-Does this have something to do with adrenal fatigue maybe?
-Could I SOMEHOW be missing a glucose crash when I test every 15minutes, making it reactive hypoglycemia?
-Or could all of this just be LYME?

I just don't know what to do from here or what tests I need to be taking.

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