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Re: liver flushes, h pylori, parasites
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: liver flushes, h pylori, parasites

Do you release stones/old matter when you liver flush?

I passed a ton of stones from the flushes. The problem was that at a certain point either I hit something too big or some other blockage occurred. Hard to figure out since I passed some really huge stones with relative ease.

Do you use a stethoscope to listen to your liver/gallbladder during your CE's?

During the CE's I often get dry heaves = gallbladder contracting but not releasing.

The coffee seems to kill parasites in the lower colon area, no luck for moving bile though. Another guess is that my colon is so loaded with worms that they are constantly releasing toxins into the portal vein.

Tried Mag 07/ Oxypowder and a whole foods enzyme to help get things moving out?

Enzyme foods work well to stir stuff up but not release. I need to eat high fat to move the junk out, plus the intestine wall is damaged so I have to pace myself to not cause further damage.

Oxypower, meh, sort of just irritates things.

If your infestation is really bad maybe live/dead ones are blocking the biliary tubes?

Very likely some flukes or other creatures in there. How to kill them? I know how to kill stuff in the gut but not the liver.

While I know CE's should help to signal the release of bile, if the small intestine is blocked by mucoid plaque or some other type of obstruction, toxins would be circulating in your blood. Have you ever had a colonic or high-volume enema?

Small intestine is not completely blocked, but definitely tons of plaque, it's been a long term project. colonics yes long time ago, too expensive and also fat seemed to work as well or better for a long time. Recently lost my desire for fats so I'm doing enemas to help move things. Magnesium helps a little bit.

Also, I remember reading in Matts protocol that at one point he was actually vomiting up worms. Do you check your vomit for signs of parasites?

Vomit was clearish, so not likely but who knows. The vomiting episodes are not often, just scary when it happens. Still trying to decipher it, and I maybe recall that there were some of those giant raisin type things that passed soon after the vomiting subsided, but it could also be liver related and/or parasite related.

From what I gather, the most optimal progression on CZ, due to what works for many is to

1) Effectively eliminate/purge everything from the bowels and heal.

Sounds like a nice fantasy. It's been years for me and still stuff coming out. At least it's coming out though. I held off on Liver Flushes for exactly that reason, but my liver got so congested that I had to start flushes before the gut was cleared.

2) Cleanse of parasite/candida infections


3) Proper liver/gallbladder/kidney function

God only knows how I'll get the gallbladder working. At one point I almost had things working but I had to eat so much fat that it wasn't workable long term. Also after a lot of the stones came out I had to switch to high carb diet - energy level went up a lot.

I couldn't tell from what you've said, but it may be you have never effectively cleansed/healed your gut.

Definitely true.

Again, I'm not really qualified to make the dx but just a thought to consider. I've seen posts where people say it can take many, many months and even years to fully heal the gut.

Years for me.

Some speak of passing mucoid plaque for months before it finally tapers off to normal stool as the healing progresses.

I got enough out now that there must be a way to get the bile moving, just haven't figured it out.

It might be something simple that I need to retry like carrot juice or bitters.

Some of this is like learning to drive a new vehicle. After all the cleaning some things start to work that never did and others are worse.

Waiting on pylori test. Inflammation in the pyloric bulb can push on the common bile duct and make liver stuff very difficult.

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