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Re: Ozonated Water Kills Parasites and Eggs
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Ozonated Water Kills Parasites and Eggs

Hello again,

I haven`t found that post I mentioned - I believe it may have been about pinworms so I`m not sure how relevant that is to threadworms and round worms - but here is another post that might help:

"Cimber38 Date: 7/20/2015 5:42:34 PM

The Wormwood and Black-Walnut mixture cause them to go bananas. They will try to escape and drive you nuts. You have to dose pyrantel by weight and take it every days for a week then again for a few days the next week. and take a laxitive after it you want to paralyze them and get them out. use enemas. If you take soemthing that kills them the eggs stay inside you and hatch and they take forever to get rid of. Experience taught me this. Paypaya seeds help to paralyze them and pyrantel.

Shredded coconut helps push them out of the cecal area and cocnut oil and vitamin c high doses help to get rid of them. Of course follow all hygiene reccomendations and clean everything. Vicks on outside and a clove of garlic inserted into the anus help with the crawling and eliminates egg laying and spreading around."

You could try taking 1-2 cups of dried coconut per day as Cimber38 writes. The coconut pushes everything through and that's what I found to be the case. I believe another advantage to the tropical remedies (coconut and pineapple) is that they draw parasites into the digestive system, or at least not away from it, due to their sweetness, and it's easier to kill parasites when they're in the digestive system. The herbs make them scatter. From the day I started Paragone I felt them scatter and that was the most horrifying feeling of all.

Then try megadoses of COQ10 and L-cysteine (ozonated olive oil appears to be optional, at least in my case). The mop up is 3 weeks:

Ozonated olive oil I tablespoon AM and PM (I did not do this)

L-Cysteine (500mg) 2 capsules 3 X daily (I took 3 caps twice daily and often forgot one dose)

Vitamin E (400IU) once daily, 5 hours away from olive oil (before & after) (I did not do this)

Coenzyme Q10, 3000mg in single dose once per week for 3 week and 300mg on the other days. (I took 4000mg and 400-600mg because I wanted them gone.)

A cheaper option is to substitute for COQ10 with 40 fresh jalepeno chilli seeds from a fresh chilli. Put in empty capsules and take each day of the first 2 weeks of the mop-up.

Then take one week off and thereafter, continue this schedule until well.

I bought Doctor's Best COQ10 on iherb because it was on sale and because they have high dose caps. I had started with the 100mg caps I already had but that meant emptying out 40 capsules into juice, which was awful to get down.

You don't want to ingest so many of the actual capsules at once because parasites like gelatin and the capsules often have bad stuff in them, so if you have 100mg capsules, you should open the caps and pour out the powder and take it with juice (which is really tough because it's a lot of powder and the Doctor's Best contains bioperrine to increase bioavailability).

So then I bought a bottle of 200mg per cap, and then a bottle of 600mg per cap. Since I bought the larger dose capsules I just take the whole capsules.

Here is another post that might help and sounds like you're already doing part of this:


I got rid of pinworms by doing the following. Pinworms lay eggs on the outside of your body. Wash them off twice a day. Wash your bottom when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Either take a shower, or use a baby wipe or just soap and water on a washcloth. Then, important, AFTER you launder your underwear, wrap them tightly in a towel and zap them in the microwave for one minute. This kills any eggs that are hiding in the seams. Do this for as long as it takes, and continue for a while after you think they are gone, and no more pinworms! It worked for me . Hope this helps. Laundering doesn't kill the eggs hiding in the seams of your underwear, zapping them in the microwave kills them. I only wear cotton, I am not sure you can microwave any other material."

I know it seems like it's taking forever but it will get better.


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