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Re: Ozonated Water Kills Parasites and Eggs
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Ozonated Water Kills Parasites and Eggs


I ordered activated H2 as well but I don't know when to take it so I haven't. I'm taking a lot right now but I should start taking that.

You do not have to freeze bromelain - it's an enzyme and you want that to go systemically. I'm taking niacin with my enzymes (Zymactive and okra pepsin) and taking them on an empty stomach in the hopes they will get the parasites that scattered.

I was horrified when I began feeling and seeing parasites. I was feeling sick and weak from the herbs and die off and freaked out because I could feel things moving. I couldn't tell anyone, even my bf, and still haven't told him, even though I know he should be doing this too. I stopped feeding my dog raw meat. I was tired and drained and anxious, but I kept reminding myself that everyone has them and they just don't know it. I then proceeded to read everything I could and order everything I could to eradicate them, with the exception of anything I thought might make them scatter more, except for the Paragone. Paragone makes them scatter, but I'm on the second box of that.

Once I started doing the mop up program I stopped feeling the crawling and now I feel much, much better. I don't feel sick and drained at all. I didn't even take the ozonated olive oil internally because it took so long to get the ozonator (I did use it for a couple of Liver Flushes though). I still may add it to the mop up but I put weight on, probably from baking stuff with coconut to get all that coconut into me, and so I'm a bit reluctant to take more olive oil, and also I'm still wary of the ozone. I've been reading a lot about it and I think it's okay to take for a short while so I may do the whole mop up program for a second time.

The ozonator is different from an alkaline stick. I would not drink Alkaline Water long term, from things I have read over the years. I'm not going to drink ozonated water long term and I'm even scared to drink much of it now. I've used it to make water for enemas, rinsing my teeth, to put on a cotton ball to stop a break out, and I've applied ozonated olive oil and ozonated jojoba oil and that has cleared up the breakout too.

I read somewhere on here - it might have been for roundworm or threadworm - for the kind that come out of the behind at night, you do not want to put things on your anus that will deter them from coming out because you want them to come out and lay their eggs outside, not inside. If I can find that post I'll post it here. I didn't keep it though because I don't think I'm dealing with those kinds of parasites.

That would be a benefit to the ozone - if you did ozonated water enemas, that should kill the parasites and the eggs in the colon. I'm pretty sure I saw a lot of eggs in the toilet for a while. I do not see anything like that now. You could also take ozonated baths. My machine came with a big round diffuser for the bathtub as well as the little ones. So far I'm happy with the Portazone except the smell of ozone is awful and I'm worried about breathing it in so I set the machine up on the window sill between two window panes (they're very wide) and I keep the outer one open and the inner one closed as much as possible (except for the power cord) and I keep a window fan running while I operate it to push the air and ozone outside. A backyard or garage would be better.

For your mental state, you might try mindfulness exercises, Kristen Neff has good ones on self compassion. Our mental state affects the acidity of the body and so it's important to look after yourself. I personally have found Abraham-Hicks recordings to be very soothing, both while going through this and other personal issues. If you can, try to laugh about what is happening, and remind yourself that this too shall pass (that's kind of funny given what's happening). I've also accepted that parasite cleansing is something I'm going to have to do for a while and then keep doing every year.

I hope this keeps you going and your spirits up. What you're doing will help.



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