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The apocrypha?
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Published: 4 years ago
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The apocrypha?

So how do things work out when you consider how the word was -edit-|changed|-out- back at the Council of Nicea?
-edit- |The canon of scripture assembled by the council of Nicea were the books available to them at the time.|--
I grew up in a protestant church, with Sola Scriptura as the main battlecry, but experienced several different denominations and traditions in my mother's search for a place she could belong, after some family difficulties.

The pentacostals were a warm, lively bunch with strong biblical study and weird practices in the worship services,
The american Catholics were very reverent and had a bit more emotion in their services, but a lot of carvings and focus on making physical traditions reflect their beliefs,
The baptist and episcopalian services I went to (few) seemed quite sleepy churches (aka, religion far from reality),
and my dad's Church (Presbyterian) was so greek-philisophical that I felt a bit of an outsider.

I guess the tradition of fitting the bible through the filter of scientific thinking has made so many 'systems' of theology that it smacks of soured wine?

I did have the chance though to see that there was stuff shunted out put aside from the scriptural cannon around the time of Emperor Constantine, when christianity was nicetized and standardized for adoption into the late roman empire freed from the persecution that came about against folk who refused to acknowledge Caesar as a god. The council of nicea was around 325 AD, about the time when things like coptic christianity, gnosticisim (belief in secret knowledge), etc, was a big problem.
If you read about the protestant bible, they pushed several books out of their canon because of limited printing space and sticking to the more popular books.
-edit-| I look forewards to reading more, especially what the thoughts of the church leaders at that time (325bc) had about the book of Enoch. A personal note, it's important to approach the subject of the believers of ages past. We're going to meet them some day.. and many of the questions they faced are the same ones we bonk our heads into today. Better well-informed than bullheaded. |--

Anyways, I have had a good decade or more to get familiar with the apocrypha.. and compare it up and down against the old and new testament.

For example, Jesus says the end times will be like 'in the days of noah'. 8o?? Whaaaat?
Genesis gives such sparse detail about that period of time that it's led to LOTS of speculation about how the details about the time before the flood are supposed to be understood.
Jude quotes several events and even prophecy not listed in the bible, and if you do a search for the term 'Ben Adam' (second adam, translated 'Son of Man'), it's nearly nonexistant in the old testament.

The term 'Ben Adam', second adam, is nearly the entire focus of the book of Enoch (quoted throughout the bible, most clearly in the epistle of Jude). It's where the stories/prophecy of the Good Shepherd of Israel comes from, and a good metric ton more.
I'd say the book of Jubilees (reffered to in Acts as the law given to the jews by angels) and the book of the righteous (Jasher, quoted in 1 and 2 kings)

So does leaving foundational books out of the bible also count as the Mandela Effect?

I dunno, it smacks of purposeful obscurification to me, for.. whatever purpose. The KJV is a very authoritarian book, with a few greek scriptures translated juuuust right to make a certain english king very justifiable as an autoritative figure.

IMO it's the Holy Spirit who's been made a rare treasure in a spiritually dry and haunted world.

Book of Jubilees, first 10 chapters, clarifies when devoltion started messing with our food chain and (understood from that) how parasites became so prevalent. Origin of herbal medicines, why Jesus gave authority to cast out demons AND heal sick at the same time, etc..

God is good, he has a name, he likes to be known and loved personally. (Yahweh!) Don't let the traditions and trappings (the religious spirit) get in your way to the Father.

Note to reader: See Rainy.8's linked video in a child post under this one to get the scholarly report on Constantine and the council of Nidea. 


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