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New to this
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Published: 6 years ago

New to this

Hi Everyone! I'm new here and I apologize in advance if my english is bad but it's my second language.

I'm posting this to ask something, and I'm desperate and I beg for answer (i know it sounds pitiful), I've spend last weeks searching the internet in order to find some info about the state I'm in right know. For the past few months I've been gradually more convinced that I smell. Why? I've been noticing a lot of nose rubs, sniffs, bad looks, turning of the heads from people around, especially in public transport and at workplace. There's been a lot of strange looks at my groin area followed by sniffs. Couple of weeks ago I noticed that my scalp ranked - of dog/wet cloth that was put somewhere and forgotten.. Awful smell, but I think I got rid of it - I think. But for some time I ocasionally get a whiff of a nasty smell -it's almost always the same -sour nasty smell of unwashed ass :// And I think it's coming from me.. I notice it in many situations especially when I'm stressed... I think I don't have to add that my higiene - as is yours- is on point. apart from this whiffs from time to time -when I turn my head, air around me moves, someone passes me, sometimes when I quickly bend down I CAN smell this very vividly - but it lasts seconds and it's gone, when I sniff around I can't smell it, when I bend down I can't smell it...I often go to toilet to check and I can't smell it then ;((, my armpits smell like deodorant, my feet doesn't smell, my pants and undies don't smell at all, when I'm alone or at my flat I don't smell it - surely I get funky smells when I don't shower or sweat a lot, but not this nasty smell... I've been reading a lot of info on the internet and I found this forum. I'm female, 28 years old, and for the last few years, I've been under a lot of stress, I think I can call it chronic, I have an episode of OCD in my past, and a lot of symptoms of social anxiety, especially in public places, around strangers...

Where I'm getting... And I'm very sorry it's such a long post. But I feel like I'm losing my mind, in few weeks my life changed completely, I'm house bound, I'm scared to be around people, I avoid socializing, I'm constantly sad, I think about this almost all my spare time. I've even contemplated suicide FOR REAL and it scares the hell out of me, because the feeling that I actually might do it is really terryfying.

So, what I want to ask, and I'm asking people here who are 100% percent sure they smell or are diagnosed with TMAU - do other people, especially family and friends, collegues told you that you smell?

My parents, brother whom I see only like once in two weeks say they don't smell anything, my friends the same, collegues same - but I can see them sniffing when I'm around and when I feel the smell also! And if it's the kind of smell I detect - it would take some guts to say this to me, bc that kind of smell usually results from not washing your ass for days. And when I get on the public transport I hear sniffs, everywhere, people sniff around and then look at me in nasty way :(((. I know what olfactory refference syndrome is. I know I'm susceptible, BUT WHY THEN I CAN FEEL THIS SMELL?? Is it possible that my butt emmits this smell even if pants/undies don't smell to me? Is my sking emmiting this? What should I do... I don't have a lot of money for doctors, or supplements.. In my country there is no proper diagnostic logarythm for TMAU, it's something most of doctors here never heard of...

Thank You if you've read all of this, I really appreciate this, my heart goes out to you all, be strong!!!

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