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Liver In trouble Formula
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Published: 6 years ago
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Liver In trouble Formula

Magnesium citrate (1-1-1) - 133mg, Citrate loop, source of Magnesium for all cellular processes (2SP)
Potassium citrate (1-2-2) - 99mg, Primary to balance kidney toxin removal controls
Magnesium Sulfate (1-1-1) - 1030mg, Primary Liver flush, Magnesium and Sulfur Source (2SP)
MSM (2-3-4) - 1000mg, Organic Sulfur- Increases cell fluid movement, protects GI tract (6SP), Sulfer Consumable 450CYP ROS Leak
Malic acid (0-1-2) - Solaray w HTP5 b1 b6 Magnesium chelate – Malate loop, gi sickness
ALA (1-2) R FRACTION SWANSON SWU250 may be safer alternative, Swanson (1)
CQ10 (1-2-2) - 400mg, Travels through all 4 layers of cellular transport, moving electron ionic force. (4 SP)
L Carnitine (2-3-2) – 500mg/cap, DNA detox Instruction, tells mitochondria to dump toxins
Source of life (1-2-2) - Source Naturals, #3058, protein, amino source vitamin, with or without kelp, used to repair DNA with amino food. (8SP any time) Essential DNA balance, broad spectrum vitamin.
LEM Mushroom Extract (4) shiitake extract, and or Bladderwrack 3-6 grams/D
Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate (0-2- 6) - 50mg yield per capsule, WBC production, Suck Iron from Parasite, O2 (9.32mg/Kg SP) Zinc is essential, only this exact kind of zinc can be taken in these levels, “Rising”. Studies show 600mg of Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate can be safely taken for a month. My worms started to burst at 9.32mg/Kg/D).
After 30 days it is essential to discontinue ZINC supplementation, to complete the killing of Ascaris alone, Flukes should be dead

Selenium (2-3-4) – 200ucg/cap, Offset ROS loop stress, delivers O2 to cells, WBC production, 450CYP ROS Consumable under Ox stress
Copper Citrate (1-2-3) or Chelate – 2mg/cap, force gut bacteria profile, balances Zinc
Chaparral (1-2-3) – fixes genetic psora DNA error of immune system 33% of people have, FXR bottleneck.
Tri Iodine (1-1-1) - lowers inflammation, heals parasite wounds, alternate with chromium (below)
Optional Stinging nettle root (4), Immune ligand 26R, helps with lung fluids should they appear.
Ginkgo Giloba (2-3-3) – keeps capillaries open and unblocked, very important for startup!
Spirulina (4-4-10) capsules 500mg, tablets, or optional teaspoon (5 grams) Spirulina powder in yogurt
Optional Chromium (0-1). Get up and go, will cause a headache over 3 capsules, CQ10 helps.
AM Liver, Supplement, Sustain, Flush formula
Fat soluble Vitamins
1 Glass orange juice with orange peel zest.
With few exceptions, like some vitamins from B complex, and fat-soluble vitamins (D, E, K and A or 'DEKA'), which are stored in the liver and fatty tissues of the body. These vitamins build up and remain for a longer time in the body than water soluble vitamins.[1] To prevent overload, the dose should start high, then diminish with time.
Start high dosage vitamin A; high dosage, slow release vitamin B3 (30mg); and very high dosage vitamin B6 alone (i.e. with or without vitamin B complex) are sometimes associated with vitamin side effects that usually rapidly cease with supplement reduction or cessation.
Vitamin D3-1 (1000IU) long term
Vitamin E 800 IU (1) - E2000 IU maximum – Helps pull Lipid toxins out of the cells. d alpha carlson's and or Papaya seed oil - cold pressed - Genetically-Modified-Organisms free - 25 drops in yogurt 4X per day.
Vitamin A 45,000 IU ((0-3)*15000 IU) Palmitate - Accelerate Liver function (6 SP) Vitamin A is essential for the human body, but also allows Ascaris worms to survive. It is essential to discontinue Dosing of vitamin A after the infection has been brought under control.
A. lumbricoides infections increased among children in the combined vitamin A and zinc group or the zinc alone group, respectively.
Silymarin (milk thistle) (3*300mg) - 1000mg, urine production, protect liver membranes from toxin purge, Protects Organs Ox 450CYP ROS
Choline (2) - offload Liver function
Taurine (2) - Accelerate Liver
Bentaine (2) – Protects Liver cells from toxins, taken with milk thistle.
2G Ester C (1-2-3) – Detox Liver, calcium source.
B25 - B50 (1-1-1) – Supply complement of Liver consumables, The liver needs B vitamins.
Boron (1) – Metal used by Liver, helps regenerate liver, It enhances the body's ability to use calcium, magnesium, as well as vitamin D. It also seems to assist in brain functioning and recognition. Boron seems to prevent calcium and magnesium from being lost in the urine and may help with decreasing menstrual pain by increasing the oestradiol level, which is a very active type of estrogen.
Biotin (2) – 5mg, Intestine under stress fails to get this essential gateway molecule
Eggs (1-2-2) – 33 vitamins and minerals
Valerian Root (3) - Stimulates Bile production.


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