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MALARIA BABESIA Advices needed
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Published: 32 months ago

MALARIA BABESIA Advices needed

I hope you guys could help me chip in with advices and take 5 minutes to read this. I need some help and advice about this topic, it is important to me because it impacts me quite a bit.

Going to try to be short and specific:

I have had Lyme ++ infections for about 8 years (counting active years I felt sick). The biggest robber of quality of life has been my EMF sensitivity, which hinders me to move around outside in the world. I pretty much stuck to my low EMF environment in my home.

EMF around where ever it is people including just a few Iphones or whatever, works like literal "Kryptonite" on me. I feel very sick and woozy immediately. I get kind of "badly charged" and hungover from this for like 3 days afterwards.

After a long time trying to figure out the culprit of this, either it is metals, parasites, Lyme, Black Oil or a combo of all, I have made some specific experiences in regards to this.

I know many who are affected with all the same things (metals/lyme/parasites) but almost no one have the severe EMF sensitivity problems as me.

So after I got a round of Malaria meds from a LLMD "Malarone tablets" which is specific for types of Malaria and Babesia, the center in my brain/Crown which gets hardest hit of EMF, got much calmer to the point where I got much higher tolerance to any EMF. I could stare at a computer screen much longer without dizziness etc. Also spots in the liver which felt active/bad with "something" also calmed down on this med.

Immediately I stopped that treatment, the EMF sensitivity came back, and if I used the meds it calmed down again.

So to my experience Malaria's + Babesia may be the culprit for me PERSONALLY, in regards to this symptom which is the most important issue for me to be dealt with (because it literally keeps me in prison).

After some research I have now read numerous of testimonies about people with this rare symptom of EMF hyper sensitivity, which has got almost 100% free of it after certain types of Malaria/Babesia treatments, so it seems to be some sort of key perhaps.

Of course it could be many things, but I have tried so many treatments, and still the EMF stuff would not go away.

I have read up on old posts about Malaria/Babesia, and recognizes the issues about Lead in blood and breaking enzymes, and some herbs and rife that works. I have done all those for years, and many people have gone like 20+ years with different Malaria treatments without kicking it.

Then I came across a rare med combo of something called Cloroquinine + Primaquine which is the ONLY combo in addtition to IV Clindamycin + Quinine which has literally cured the toughest cases of Malaria and also people with this EMF problems.


Here is a quote from one of those people that kicked it with meds:

"I have been on the Primaquine treatment for
Babs for about 6 to 8 months--
Lost track of time.

I now have Zero Babs symptoms and have not
had any for several months.

I dont have any lyme symptoms ether.

I had both Babs and Lyme for 20 years-
and was close to death when I started
treatment 4 years ago--

Chloroquine/primaquine is the standard treatment for two relapsing forms of malaria, plasmodium vivax and plasmodium ovale. They both have a dormant form that hides in the liver, which reemerges once you stop taking your main malaria drug.

Primaquine gets rid of this dormant form. All other malaria drugs or herbs that you read about, including mepron, artemisinin, chloroquine, larium, doxycycline, and quinine, only hit the active form of the disease."


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