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Re: Need help with a project for my biology class. Anyone have any Subcutaneous Larva Migrans stories/info?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Need help with a project for my biology class. Anyone have any Subcutaneous Larva Migrans stories/info?

Look under my name for photo's also.

I have posted a few comments on the paste I made to apply to the body that killed them on the skin.

Still having break out of them escaping, which is painful like needles.

when the Ph and improvement of the lymphatic system improves and more nutrition is applied in the gut, when the removal of parasites is lessening from the use of anthelmintics, the blood quickens and then they start to dig out at a surprising rate.

I have microscopic pictures of larvae that range between .6 - 1 mm in length. some are larger. The smaller ones can dig from the cutaneous area to surface. Kleen Green is used to kill anything that survives and starts to crawl.

Eggs are being found also during this digging out period.

No, not homeless, not poor, not dirty, middle class. Got them from a hospital and nursing home combination when husband broke his back and leg.

Mysterious rash that they prescribed hydro cortisone and steroids. No one wanted to treat the patient and cause. When I begged the doctor for help for my husband telling her it was worms she was indifferent and callous. She refused to see pictures, slides and samples of the worms that were present on the skin. She instead said she wanted to take a biopsy of the skin to see what it was. They removed a 1/3rd inch round plug of skin from my husbands arm leaving a large 1/3rd inch round hole. When the test came back negative for Scabies????? but an obvious inflammation she prescribed steroids and sent us to the Dermatologist, Three months out. When we went there, they did a bait and switch and had us see a Physician Assistant that said nothing was present. I showed him pictures and he called it red blood cells and prescribed more steroids.

I did look at him like he was insane. These doctors all belong to the same medical group as the share hospital name. It is obvious a cover up and don't care about the patients there. I will not return and seriously thinking of mal-practice suit. But, no one will see the slides or samples. So they have me in a bind, no proof, no complaint, never existed.

My husband and I have been on our own in this recovery. Alone except for the people here on CureZone with help and experience. This all began December 25th, 2015 and is still going on.

There are worms, Morgellon's, insects/parasites. It is like they NEVER cleaned their beds from any of their patients and we caught every one of them, because it is contagious everything from anyone that was on these beds. this is a travesty and inhumane treatment.

CDC did not want to hear or see anything. They sent me away and directed me to College Entomology departments and specialist. College Entomology Departments DO NOT accept anymore samples for skin parasites from the public. But, you can pay $20 an hour for research to be done. I have a HMO and the female Doctor REFUSED to refer to any other specialist, tying my hands in using my own medical insurance. I called her three separate times begging her for a specialist because they were worms. She refused. The office also canceled the follow up doctor appointment my husband had to further his care. WE have not gone back to that medical group since.

(HMO insurances rely on the Primary Physician to refer any specialist for the Insurance to pay)

If and when I do anything, I have to pay for it out of pocket. The refusal, which would not have hurt her, is a controlling ploy to prevent the knowledge that they spread disease and illness at the home/parent hospital, for what purpose? You tell me.

So I did the research myself and here are the pictures. the larva/migrans are very tiny, hope you get a few good pictures. I have a few thousand pictures of microscopic pictures.

so just ask. I am pretty pissed off at the callous treatment of my husband.

Worm Album //
Skin Larva & biting Midges //


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