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Re: cured my acne/ rosacea/ scalp psoriasis for $2.99!!!
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: cured my acne/ rosacea/ scalp psoriasis for $2.99!!!

Thank you So much for sharing your success w/ ivermectin, Justin. I'll be ordering that paste on Amazon the second I send this msg. and pray that it delivers the final punch I need to clear up this train wreck of a face.

After billions of research hours I recently figured out that my 12 years of nightmarish, life-changing pain & misery have been caused not JUST by bacteria & fungus, but by these wretched demodex mites that LIVE in my skin and create the bacteria & fungus !~ this is just SO Gross!!

Like many of you who've had this for a couple of years, these horrible creatures have damaged my life is so many ways, I'm praying that I can fix some of it when I get the demodex under control (I've read that we can Control them but can never kill them all.)

[Skip the rest of this 'essay' and go to my next post I'm going to send if you don't want to read any more of people's personal experiences being tortured by demodex mites; I'm going to send some info from an Acne forum about some excellent treatment ideas for bacteria & fungus that might work well for you: They DO make the mites come out of your pores & follicles in droves but either they don't have quite enough kill power to Control the darned things or maybe I'm just not consistent or patient enough because I work very very long hours @ a State College.]

["My Mite Story" ]I'm sharing this so those of you who've suffered emotional, social and career damage due to this disfiguring condition, will know that you haven't been alone on this painful road.

~Even tho' I now know they have a name, I know that everybody has them on their face, and I've looked at these monsters under a 10x magnifying glass, it still seems surreal, like a bad dream, that hundreds, maybe thousands of them have been multiplying in MY skin all these years, turning my once clear & lovely skin into layers of hard, thickened itchy skin full of painful sticky white plugs & throbbing pimple-like bumps.

I feel like I've been in some bad horror movie for 12 whole years watching myself become ever more depressed, hopeless, pitted, scarred & isolated from spending hundreds of hours alone in my bathroom tearing my face up just to stop the throbbing, distracting pain in those big ugly bumps.

It's been hard not to cry all these years when I saw my reflection each morning w/ all the sores and red bumps on my face; It's made me dread going to work each day knowing I have to meet w/ college students up close, looking like I got mugged.

I've gone from being a social, fun-loving, happy, optimistic & confident woman in her 40's to someone who doesn't even want to leave the house anymore - takes too long to patch my face up and too embarrassing even when I do a 'good' job of it.

Most painful, has been trying to help friends, family & co-workers understand why it takes me hours to get ready to go somewhere or why I don't even Want to go out w/ anyone, face hurts and burns & will look awful in minutes even tho' I spent 2 hours covering it up. It's just been heartbreaking trying to explain my increasing isolation and despair because I couldn't even explain to Me what was happening to me..Until there were Forums like this one and the Acne Forum where other victims of this weird disfiguring infestation started sharing their stories, research, treatment successes & failures.

I owe every bit of new found hope to every one of you who has so generously shared your stories & wisdom.

So...Fast forward to several months ago when I googled "Sticky white plugs on my face" and found stories, information and ideas on a couple blogs & on Acne forum, for products to try to beat these monsters...I was overjoyed! First time in years I had some hope that I wouldn't have to be a reclusive slave to my face forever.
~Almost all info & recommendations however, were for killing bacteria & the fungus left behind when the mites die and their bodies become mush (your skin reacts to all that crap which is why it forms many hard &thick layers); Not much mention of products to kill Demodex because, like me, lots of folks reserching ACNE don't realize that the bacteria & fungus and pimples may ALL be caused by demodex.
~I DID see improvement using all the suggestions for killing bacteria & fungus, but was HORRIFIED to see truckloads of those white, rice like mites coming out of my pores this weekend due to a rigorous care routine that takes too much time to do on workdays, and Knew I HAD to look for a way to Kill the Mites too.

I'm going to order the ivermectin and pray that it kills mites. I'll write that post w/ useful treatments as soon as I can.
I wish you blessings and clear skin, Barbara


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