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Re: Hairs, eyes, nose, skin, ears, follicles, scalp, worms, bugs, eggs.
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Hairs, eyes, nose, skin, ears, follicles, scalp, worms, bugs, eggs.

I had to look at the author about the moving hairs to see if I wrote it because I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Before I went bald the hairs on my head did the same thing. I would hold the hair with tweezers and watch in horror as it bent over, swayed to the side, made attempts to reach or touch and when I put it on fabric or it touched my skin the hair would try to enter my skin. Now my scalp has hair, just fibers. I will have intense itching on a spot on my head, look at it through a handheld microscope and EVERY time, without knowing what part of my scalp I am even touching, I am holding the scope on the itch, there is a red, pink, black, dark or light blue, white or Gold shiny thread. I have never tried pulling them out, some are laying on my scalp, others are half under, others are under, come up out of a hair follicle only to enter another follicle and go back under. Some twist around, curl up like ribbon, some are short, some are quite long. When I eat white bugs with 8 legs come into my mouth. Brown thin worms, white forked end worms, black pointed end worm, all are very soft but one thing in common is they stay in one piece no matter how long they sit in alcohol. Eggs jump, crawl and fly from my scalp, land on the mirrors, the console in the car, the tile floors. These multiply merely by touching one. It duplicates itself. There are so very many. I, too, know this is what I will die from. It is frightening to me that something we have all described is not recognized by the medical world. I can see little black bug looking or worm looking things in my actual blood after cutting myself shaving. They come out from under my nails, skin, out of my nose, mouth, and are in my eyes and ears. My hair follicles are their playground and while I do have stubs of hair that grows, it is not hair. It is something that lays eggs. I hear their noise, hear them crawl. I buy disinfectant spray from the 99 cents store, spray it on them and they pop like firecrackers. I put baking soda paste on my scalp and eggs start appearing everywhere. I also have these clear worm/hairs/threads that fly off my head. Everything is itchy, stabbing, biting. I have a black film around my eyes like mold. I take a qtip and softly rub it around the eye area and black hairy film lifts off my skin like mold with fingers. I am so very tired. There is no fight left in me after three years. This has beat me up and is not even near being done with me. It eats thru skin, vanish on the computer desk, the vinyl on the spa lid. Hot tub water fills with tiny bubbles when I get in. Bubbles and more bubbles. Milky white water. My dogs don't like the smell of my head. Most the time I get a smell of algae when I run hot water over it from the stocking I wear under my wig. Always the smell of algae. My eyelashes are solid with white eggs, black worms in minutes. My eyesight is going per my othamalogist. I always thought if I got Alzheimer's it would be ok, I wouldn't be aware of my life and everything frustrating and all your losses. You wouldn't remember, right. Well this is torture, it really is. I am aware of everything that is happening, crawling, laying eggs, moving in my ears and mouth. Nothing we can do for ourselves, no cures, no medicine, no doctors, no answers, not even a name for it. I am beginning to believe a mental facility might be a place of peace. Keep me doped up and make it to where I don't know or feel anything at all.

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