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Re: how do I know if my clothes are clean without trying?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: how do I know if my clothes are clean without trying?

Curemites attacks anyone that does not agree with them.

Kleen Green works. I just bought a small bottle of 8 ounces to try and it was concentrate, mixing ratio of 7 to 1. It has been two weeks and all my crawling and biting have ceased. I have also been on the Albenza and Ivermec worming combo because the parasite that gave me the bacteria/worms creates the perfect PH for the Morgellon's to exist. My PH is at a 5 and the Morgellon's seems to come alive on an acidic skin. My husband has no more symptoms.

Kleen Green was recommended by someone here on CureZone and I googled and found it on Amazon. It is around $19 for 8 ouces. The second batch I just ordered and of 32 ounces concentrate came in TWO DAYS. I did not pay for any fast and extra shipping.

This product is natural and you can start making your own with your own fruit rinds and add yeast. The Enzymes are like magic It is natural and does not have any negative side affects and when I spray it to dust it seems to kill the Morgellon's. After cleaning and it starts to crawl on my skin again and I just mist my face and hair, every where stopping it in its track. I spray it on my body after the shower and let it air dry. This seems to kill it dead in its track.

I have been successful in killing it the moment it starts to grow on my skin. They look under the microscope like little sticks with little twigs on the end. When they hit my skin the little twigs on the end grow THREE branches that are used to crawl and this is the sensation of parasites crawling on the skin.

At first I used a paste made with sulfer, salt, Neem Powder and Thyme Powder and Clove Tea and added a small amount of sesame oil, mustard oil and Eucalyptus oil EO. Not a lot of oil, no more than a teaspoon each, 10-20 drops of the EO. I heat the paste and then let it sit to cool. When it is a nice pudding thickness go into the shower and slather it all over your scalp and skin, everywhere. When it starts to dry I apply small amount of water to thin it out and wait a good TOTAL 30 minutes, but at the 20 minute mark I use a soft bristled scrub brush and scrub every inch of my skin. With a wide tooth comb I comb my hair carefully and at the 30 minute mark I rinse and put conditioner in my hair and comb my hair with a flea/nit comb until all the black specs are gone. This may take a weeks worth of showers to get the black specs out of the scalp. I spent two hours under the water in the shower the first night until the comb was clean and there was no crawling. Initial relief was for 3 hours, but it was the first night and was better and better each day afterwards. This worked for me and it is natural.

If you can't sleep because of the creepy crawling in your hair you can sleep with the paste in your hair with plastic wrap. If you are blond this will darken your hair. It happens to be Ayurvedic also and is used in hair coloring and feeds the scalp with iron, B vitamins and other nutrients.

I use mustard oil with eucalyptus because it warms while the eucalyptus cools. (when I say a little because you only need a small amount.)

I notice that the Morgellon's stings the same coming out, as it does when going in; like pin pricks. This will seem to start happening around your second day when you think you are being attacked again, but after a few hours you will notice small bumps like pimples as they dig their way out of the skin. This can take hours to days depending on the size of the Morgellons leaving the skin.

(The following spray combo is not edible but is used often by perfume makers and cosmetic agency's.)

For the Shower. I have simplified the process somewhat by using a spray mixture of Ethyl alcohol and Witch Hazel. I add 8 drops of citronella oil EO, Tea Tree oil EO and Lavender oil EO. I get in the shower and get warmed up with some hot water, turn off the water and then I spray my scalp, face, ears, everywhere down to my toes and then I use a bar of Neem soap and rub it onto every part of my body, hair scalp, ears, genitals, etc. I wait 10 minutes, then I use a buff puff and soft scrub brush for my back, I scrub every inch of my skin with small circles. I rewet the skin to keep it moist and then around 20 minutes I rinse and then add enzym shampoo/something that is clean and smells nice to wash my hair and then I use conditioner/I add rosemary oil EO to the conditioner around 1 tablespoon to the whole bottle and I mix it really well. Then I comb with the flea/nit comb all of my hair and rinse. Then I towel dry the hair and then I use the Kleen Green 7 ounce of water to 1 ounce of Enzyme to spray the scalp and then spray the Kleen Green all over my still wet body, face, ect. and then I air dry. As I blow dry my hair and if I am cold I blow dry my body and then dress in clean/fresh clothes from the dryer. On one of the reviews a woman added eucalyptus oil EO 8 drops to the Enzyme and said it killed the Scabies.. and she was right. not that I had Scabies but it does smell good and it kills ants, bugs, spiders fast fast fast. I tried it and think it has some added benefits because of the EO content. (EO essential oil)

I noticed that my daily vacuuming was spreading the little dust particles that are the Morgellon's which is throughout the house. This was confirmed with the microscope. I purchased a heppa filtered vacuum cleaner and a steamer that is over 180 degrees. Even though I poison sprayed and disinfected my couches numerous times it was steaming them that killed the Morgellon's. And it wasn't until I realized they are in the dust on everything up high everywhere and if your PH is low like mine it is a acidic trigger to grow.

I really have finally found some relief in the Kleen Green and highly recommend it. It cleans glass and mirrors without streaks and I can spray my face when I have stirred up the dust and they have started to crawl around on the skin. You can add a small amount to your wash. But, I haven't used it for my laundry. I find that using the Borax with Oxyclean and some 3% hydrogen peroxide around 1 cup is good enough to work.

When I dust I spray it on a papertowel and just wipe everything down. I have to tell you I was starting to be afraid to touch anything because once you go a few hours the first night from no crawling and find a tiny piece of relief it is hard to imagine you are surrounding by it. But don't worry. Start in one area and keep this small area clean to start and find some peace. Then as you get confident branch out with your dusting and cleaning. Borax on the carpet over night seemed to help also.

I have even started making my own Enzyms using Pineapple rinds and papaya skins. I even have a Loquat tree that is fruiting that I am using in 5 gallon bucket to make a large batch. There are a lot of helpful people around here. Almost too helpful until you find yourself really sick and vomiting from some treatment they SWEAR works. I just experienced that. So though I am giving you what works for me.. I recommend you research.

Do your research on everything I have recommended if you can't eat it or it doesn't come with a HUNDRED people recommending then it is bullcrap and abusive manipulative dialog is sure sign that there is something not right.

Happy Homemaker gives her free recipe for the making of the Enzyme (Usually 90 days to make, but can be sped up when adding Yeast to as short as two weeks.)

Yesterday, I just made my first batch of soap using the same exact ingredients of my paste and now it will take four weeks to cure. So far.. the little ball of soap I have used is wonderful. I am so happy with the results. I used this site for the recipe and she has a section on every question out there. I was pretty nervous about making the soap, but it wasn't so bad. matching the temperatures for the Lye and Oils was the most difficult but after that it was simple. Here is the site.

From the beginning of having this issue that started when my husband was in the hospital on December 25th and nursing home in January. I have to say the doctors, biopsy's and Dermatologist were of NO help. they prescribed steroids and steroids make the bacteria and worms multiply.

Now that I have a handle on what crawls around on my skin and I can kill it. I have to raise my PH after my recent poisoning which almost killed me. There is nothing that could survive and if it did then I have made up my mind. I packed away my microscope and I am not going to have this steal away my joy any longer. This process has been a search of research and recommendations, prayer and faith. While everything helps and some things work, you have to take responsibility for your self and acknowledge that if you die from some hair brained treatment then you and your family are the only ones that will suffer. Not the big Pharma, not the Corporation that counts every dollar. We the People. That means each and every one of us are responsible for our own health and well being.

Be healthy and don't forget that you are here because you have something to offer. Don't forget to live your life.

Edited this for Matts comment to someone else asking for help and he makes a good point. //

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