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Re: Here's One for you, Chaz
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Here's One for you, Chaz

Right on :-) Just so everybody knows this in case you can do it in your state, anything involved with radar guns, which is basically what these red light camera's are, has to be certified as accurate. These guys who test the radar guns for accuracy, do not come to court. They certify it on a certificate. The court uses these certificates to prove you were speeding.

BUT in order for it to be admissible in court, these radar gun guys have to swear under penalty of purgery that everything they say on these certificates is true and accurate. Here in Washington state, they NEVER do that. So that's how you get it thrown out of court. If they can't prove the measurement of your speed was accurate, they have no evidence you were speeding. You just go into court and show the judge they didn't swear to it as required by law and it's inadmissible. Case closed and dismissed.

Another method I'm going to try next time for fun, is that a cop needs a warrant to discover information they can't obtain by using their five senses. If they want to use a devise that can see through your walls in your house because they think you're doing something illegal, they need a warrant. They need one to search your car because they can't use their five senses to see if you have a gun or drugs in your car from outside the car.

Well they're using a radar gun to detect you're speeding because they can't use their 5 senses to detect it. I'm going to go in there and tell them it was an illegal search of my speed based on what I just told you. I just want to see them squirm and lie to get out of that one.

I like to show they're corrupt and lying before I pull out that first method I told you about, (the ace in the hole) which they have to dismiss the case on. All the lawyers in this state use that first method and get the speeding tickets dismissed. If they let them do it, and don't let me, that's denying me due process of law, prejudice and discrimination, and you can get the judge in a lot of trouble for doing that.

I just hope my mortgage lawsuit goes as smoothly as the speeding tickets. I know I got them for fraud and no one can legally prove I owe them any money. And I've been paying them for 10 years now, so they've stole about $176,000 from me and I want it back plus a free and clear title on my house, or else they get nailed for fraud.

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