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Re: Still struggling with SIBO & More
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Still struggling with SIBO & More

What you need to understand, probably most of all, is that, if you have Leaky Gut, which seems almost certain, then your whole body is under considerable stress. Your Liver is working very hard to detox everything which is flooding into your bloodstream and the extreme detox demands could be exhausting many nutrients. The nutrient demands on your body are likely to be very extreme and probably 100x and most likely even higher than that above normal.

It will affect your mood and make you feel pretty terrible. Your methylation cycle is probably disrupted which itself will have a big effect on your mood. I know this from personal experience.

However, there is hope because you already know much more than you previously did.

There is a herb which can be helpful in such situations. I have been using this herb for over 20 years and it has helped me enormously. It is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herb called Tu Si Zi or Dodder seed (Cuscuta Chinensis).

It has multiple benefits for situations like yours and mine. It helps the kidney energy (Chi/Qi), it tends to lower elevated liver enzymes which do tend to become elevated when the liver is under such stresses, it helps pituitary function and has been shown in animals to increase the weight of the pituitary gland. It benefits the hypothalamus function which might be affected especially if you suffer from a lot of tiredness, it benefits the liver energy which itself can be beneficial to the mood. It also affects the adrenal and kidney so in total it addresses the Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Adrenal axis.

I would not be without it. It is also not very expensive. Dosage is 5 to 15 grams per day boiled in water. I boil just over 50grams in a large saucepan which last me about 3.5 days and I drink 2 mugs a day which works out at about 15 grams/day. I boil the seeds for about an hour but half an hour is recommended. When I pour it from the pan into a jug I can see some oil on the brown coloured liquid which indicates the presence of volatile/essential oils. These could be what has the effect on the bodies energy systems and many such Chinese herbs are classified as Qi energy tonics. This can be seen in the iris of the eye where rings run around the iris. These rings normally gradually tighten as a person ages but when taking these Chinese herbs the rings gradually relax and become wider and less deep as they slowly release. These herbs do require long term use to gain benefit.

Another things which might help is German Chamomile (GC) essential oil. I have been using this for a long time. Essential oils are extremely strong so even one drop is far too much. Therefore I mix one drop of the oil in a dropper bottle with pure water, preferably distilled which should be devoid of bacteria. Keeping the dropper bottles and essential oil in the fridge is beneficial.

Then shake vigorously to break up the oil and quickly draw up some liquid and put one drop into some water and drink. It takes about 1.5 hours to have an effect in me. It should improve the mood a bit and benefit the energy systems of the body. It is very strong so start slowly! I would recommend only the one drop at first to see how it affects you and maybe increase to 2 drops after a few days. Take a look at your tongue before taking it, notice the coating which is probably quite thick. Check again later to see if the coating reduces and the tongue becomes more redder.#The tongue coating should start at the edges and recedes towards the centre. The redder the tongue and the less tongue coating there is the more energy there is, the better the mood and the greater the nervous system stimulation.

I used to take GC with Alfalfa fluid extract (AFE) but AFE is more Yin in nature and therefore can increase the tongue coating. The greater toning of the liver energy when combined with GC is of benefit but the Yin nature in my situation is not really wanted.

Therefore I moved to only using GC added to the other things which I take. Taking it on it's own should affect the whole body rather than directing the Qi toning to any particular place. TCM combine herbs to direct properties to certain organs and body systems which can bring greater benefits.

Another one which has a fairly quick but shorter lived effect is TriMethylGylcine (TMG). This tends to reduce the tongue coating fairly quickly and brings about a boost to energy but the effect tends to be shorter. It can be great and it is very beneficial to the circulatory system, reducing homocysteine which can be damaging to the circulatory system, which is another reason to take it.

Combining GC and TMG should bring about greater effect but be cautious if you try both, start with one drop of GC and slowly add tiny quantities of TMG, 0.5ml scoop is fairly large so start lower to begin. I take 1ml at a time but people are different so start small and SLOWLY increase, remember that it is far easier to take more than to remove what you have already taken. Therefore use carefully!

I wish that I had noticed and asked you about your Depression before as have just found an older thread which mentioned it but there were no replies from you to that thread and that thread is 8 months old.


BTW a responder to that thread Freebird, did mention the bacteria that I talked about above, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus Coagulans and Bacillus Laterosporus which is the same bacteria as Bacillus Coagulans. I use that in my ferments to combat yeasts and fungi.

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