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Cured and how you can too! :)
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Published: 5 years ago

Cured and how you can too! :)


I've been posting some on this forum and its been a while. I wanted to post something really quick about how I cured my candida infection in about a month or two...

I can eat Sugar though this whole thing has changed how I use it and how often. I mainly use honey as a way to sweeten things... (Honey helps fight candida as it is rich in glucose) I hope I can find some links that helped me along the way, though many of the things I am going to share can easily be searched and looked into on your own.

My symptoms basically started as eczema that was on my face which I noticed got worse upon eating sugary foods and grains. I also noticed mood swings associated with these foods

What I did :

Candida is like, completely a diet thing. But it's not as simple as cutting out all sugars completely. The truth is, doing so only eliminates the source of Candida's food, which I've read some places can be dangerous as it can travel looking for food and become a systemic infection.

To get rid of candida, you need to stop feeding the bad but also give your body the building blocks it needs to repair the intestinal lining...

...which means, healing your gut!

I've read a bunch of different approaches on healing the gut but what it basically boils down to is...
1.avoid sugary foods, junk foods, and grains for a while, and
2. Drink lots of gelatin rich bone broth!

Something about cutting even fruit out didnt resonate with me, so while I was pretty intentional with what went into my body, when I craved sweet tastes I didn't go for the stevia but instead went for an apple.

The basics of how I began eating, however, are basically the paleo diet. I cook with a lot of coconut oil, (still do) avoided grains (now I eat them occasionally though I do not combine grains with meats) , and had the occasional fruit or sweet potato ( i had read that sweet potatoes have antifungal properties so allowed myself to have baked sweet potatoes as a safe dessert). I was also very intentional about eating only meats that were not fed gmo feed, which is also a crucial aspect of healing your gut as I'll explain in a little...

A candida diet without the addition of gelatinous broth is not going to work though. Candida becomes a problem because of leaky gut, and unless you repair your intestinal tract you will not see improvement (sorry vegans... But you don't have to give up veganism for good as I'll also explain later)

You also don't technically have to eat meat, you just have to drink it... Or otherwise incorporate gelatin/collagen in your diet (love Great Lakes brand).

However the cheapest way to make gelatin rich broth is to buy chicken feet and make a broth out of them using apple cider vinegar (preferably raw and unfiltered), water, some spices (i usepoultry blend spices with sage, rosemary, and tarragon) and a generous amount of Sea Salt ( remember to supplement Iodine if you begin using Sea Salt instead of iodized!) I get a pack of chicken feet at my local Asian food store, though I have also gotten them at whole foods. I understand that it might not be possible to find non gmo fed chicken feet in which case it is okay to make an exception, gelatin is such a crucial aspect of healing that it is perfectly acceptable to use them for broths. I get a nice pack of them for anywhere between 2 and 4 bucks.

The broth will make you sleepy so try and drink it in the afternoon and evenings so you can sleep on it.

In he mornings i would eat eggs and veggies religiously, with lots of good butter like kerrygold. And cheese, because I loved cheese too much to give it up but if you're allergic it'd be best to just avoid it.

I also used one bottle of candex to help me get the worst of it under control, with a non gmo vitamin c supplement to help with die off. Non gmo is very important for the vitamin c as I will soon explain.

The combo of avoiding the sugars for the most part, and incorporating bone broth into my diet, healed me. However I would not stay healed if it weren't for the final adjustment I've made, which is...

3. AVOID Genetically-Modified-Organisms FOODS AT ALL COSTS POSSIBLE.

Why? I'll explain...

Gmo crops that are made "roundup ready" are programmed to destroy the stomachs of a host when eaten. The idea was that bugs that would try to eat the crops would die and humans would be left unscathed, but there is a lot of evidence that gmo corn, among other gmo crops, can actually cause a leaky gut, which then in turn creates an environment in which candida can grow rampant. Google gmo corn and leaky gut and you'll find many articles on it.

After my own trial and error I can say that avoiding gmo foods has been the biggest and most important change I have made for my health thus far.

The biggest offenders are corn, soy, canola, and Sugar (90 percent of Sugar inthe u.s. comes from gmo sugar beets) though if I may remind you, all of these are okay to eat if you get them certified organic or non gmo certified. Eating out is a bitch but if you explain gently you are highly allergic. You can get places todo rad shit like cook your food in butter instead of canola oil, find soy sauce replacements, and other nice shit. I even gotto eat avocado sushi when I was out with my friends and the waitress got some sauce that was gluten and soy free! Amazing!!

Without cutting gmo foods out entirely, your gut will continue to become damaged, and you will continue to struggle with digestive problems or see very, very gradual improvement.

Doing all three of these, however, will heal you. If it doesn't happen right away,be patient and persistent, and you will see improvement.

Best of luck to you, being cured is possible!


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