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Published: 5 years ago


A very small portion of humans discover they or their child have worms and often those worms are large enough to be seen.

They have no idea of the nightmare they get into when they "open" that door. THE EDUCATION they require to even begin to discover how bad it is……………naturally 99% of that small portion will never read or want to know; they just want to take 1 product and be rid of parasites for the rest of their life and that sets them up to be victimized by the truly endless predators of the entire medical field, herbal field and vitamin predators as well as those that sell nothing but snake potions made out of little more than water….like all homeopathics are absolutely a joke and no stronger than drinking water---actually most water sources are toxic and worms would not like your water supply.

In reality, the largest open field on the planet is probably everything that would help humans eliminate their worms……..and the proper education is a lifetime education……….you can not and never will take a product 1 time and eliminate your parasites……can't happen and odds are, you just increase the problem you already had by attempting such toxic potions.


every source that says their drugs, their herbs, their vitamins, their potions will kill your parasites are all lying or at the very least, they are ignorant of mammal health as it has to do with parasites.

"IF" your blood stream allows worms in your body to live, then your diet was not sufficient and odds are, you are very much poisoned and have lost much of your immunity…..and that is why people get things like cancers, hiv and every thing people die of……because they are toxic, clogged up, blown up with their self made toxic gases as they die in their rot.

It takes something as large as the medical field to even begin to address such a situation, but by world war 1, medical lost interest and after world war 2, they had no interest and seen their $$$ in going the opposite path. The few GREAT M.D. pre world war 2 are the planets greatest teachers of human health---pre corruption days…..back when colleges did not have such a stranglehold on the doctors. Actually, some medical, if not all medical colleges by 1910 were extremely corrupted, but good doctors were able to survive them as they didn't have the power to stop them.


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