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Re: Still struggling with SIBO & More
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Still struggling with SIBO & More

""Okay, I apologize...I was just a little miffed a link to something that preposterous was used in example to anonymous posters when I wasn't even remotely doing that...I can understand the suspicion with this sort of thing. I'm in just a really rough spot right now, I mean even worse than usual...I've been trying to limit just about everything (gluten, dairy, caffine, most offenders...) and it doesn't seem to be making any real big difference, I've been cramping so badly.""


Try some magnesium! You are probably deficient.
I just started using Magnesium Carbonate as it is fairly cheap. Then doing an acid/base reaction with acids such as malic acid, ascorbic acid etc. It reacts very quickly, fizzes a bit and then produces a high magnesium salt which is very well absorbed. My calculations indicate that magnesium carbonate is 28.8% magnesium so it goes quite far. A 5ml scoop provides about 180mg of magnesium which when reacted with an acid provides a well absorbed form of magnesium which works out fairly cheap. Magnesium carbonate is fairly poorly absorbed on it's own as it requires stomach acid but as a Magnesium salt it is absorbed very well. Magnesium ascorbate is a very useful combination and Magnesium Malate is very well absorbed. Also Magnesium Aspartate, Magnesium Succinate, Magnesium Fumarate.


""I'm hoping I'm just more screwed up from the cold, as I was having more loose frequent stools during it, now that it's ebbing I'm going the other way and it almost feels worse...""


Get some powdered lecithin and it will help. It sounds like you might have irritable bowel which is not uncommon as the attack on the stomach by the bacteria also affects the transverse colon and can result in irritable bowel.

Constipation is common in these conditions because the body/liver has considerably higher requirements for choline when IIPS/leaky gut is an issue. The nutrients in lecithin provide what your body needs to produce cells which could have a higher than normal turn over.


""I'm sorry again though, what did you mention (if anything) for biofilms? I'm having a tough time with finding what to take for them, I don't know what to take. I keep meaning tot try interfase plus, I have not yet, would this be sufficient? Coconut oil and ACV doesn't seem to be doing anything (least that I feel) I think there's a page on here that discusses them that I need to find again, saying peppermint was best, but EC peppermint aggravates my gastritis a little...and I'm not sure they're the right thing to use.""


That is the problem, the bacteria is unknown! Therefore things that can be used against it are also unknown. Qurom Sensing Inhibitors for use with this bacteria are not known, at least until the bacteria name is known. Then there MIGHT be some known QSI's to use against it.

It's almost certainly not Helicobacter Pylori but shares many properties with HP. Things which work with HP MIGHT work with the unknown bacteria. BTW I tried Interfase plus and it made zero difference. I have tried EDTA to bind metals from the biofilm, essential oils including peppermint with only minor effect. I could feel a sensation in my stomach but nothing major and nothing breakthrough. I've tried Oregano, I've tried Red Thyme eo, I've tried Eucalyptus & Clove.

EDTA, which is in Interfase+ but in small quantities, can be helpful as it binds to calcium, don't get it near to your teeth!, magnesium, and some other metals. When the biofilm is attacked, these metals are released and if they are not swept up and bound, then the bacteria will reuse them to rebuild the biofilm.

There are some amino acids that can trigger the break up of a biofilm. Those have been featured in lots of research studies. D-leucine, d-methionine, d-tryptophan & d-tyrosine are known and all of them contribute to the effect, the more of them the better the result. Note that these are the d- enantiomer and not the more common l- form. d- type do not come from foods and they are difficult to purchase. I have not yet found a source to purchase them because places that do sell them tend to only sell to research establishments such as universities and educational establishments.

Using these amino acids and stressing the biofilm when using interfase (+) helps get the amino acids taken up which then causes biofilm dispersal.

That is when all hell breaks loose. lol Believe me that dropping the biofilm, which has replaced the normal digestive mucosa, causes everything passing through the digestive system to flood into the blood stream which can make a person feel very ill. I did manage to destroy the biofilm ONCE and I just wanted everything back to "normal". It took me by surprise and I did not have anything to attack the bacteria with so I could not destroy the persister cells and the biofilm regrew.

That is a key point and something which these bacteria use against the human body. The biofilm is maintained and replaces the digestive mucosa and any degradation of that biofilm causes an immune reaction against food molecules. That benefits the bacteria and allows them to live.

BTW these bacteria can adapt very quickly to just about anything. They are extremely difficult to beat, they are real survivers.

So I hope that you know or are beginning to realise just what you are up against.


""I realize I've been a bit of a dick here and I'm sorry, I just have this 'victim' complex I guess. But I'd never want to waste anyones time here, I'm just trying to heal myself as 4+ years of doctors visits have just made me worse and nothing they prescribe helps anyways.

But anyways...apologies for a fourth time, I really didn't mean to be a problem on here.""


Doctors know nothing about this. I have been with my GP for a very long time, all of my life and she is utterly hopeless. I keep saying that I will change GP's and I must get and do it rather than thinking about it. All the advice is utterly useless and contradicts what I know to work for me. B12 works very well for me in high doses as it helps suppress the autoimmune responses by it's effect on T suppressor cells. After a nutrient level blood test my GP advised that I stop/reduce B12! The thing which prevents very bad autoimmune responses and my GP advised that I stop it! Probably wants to prescribe more nasty drugs. She has already tried to get me on statins, PPI's & anti depressants. I would probably get better advise from the postman. lol

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