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The real scientist, Dr. Hulda Clark...
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Published: 33 months ago

The real scientist, Dr. Hulda Clark...

I started reading her work back 15+ years ago. Her discovery of parasites involved in every money maker of the pharmaceutical cartel felt exactly right, although very different from the cartel's mish-mass of reasons, or lack of reasons. For the first time ever, all the 'diseases' made sense. There was a reason for all the big and little health problems.

I put down my useless cartel hyped products (of course I fell for others along the way--which is why I know from hard experience anything from the cartel I tried NEVER worked, or maybe kinda sorta works but in the long run made things worse). And don't fall for that over acid crap---sheesh, it's been the worst thing I ever fell for! It's caused no end of problems still affecting me today. Blah!

I realize now I never needed it, it just sounded like a 'good' idea--pure hype. And NO, it doesn't stop cancer at all. I'm sure they've modified the fungus cancer really is into being ok with alkalinity. (it did get rid of my dandruff though, another fungus). My cancer started after not zapping for a few years, but I already was pretty alkaline and pushed myself into it further, buying the lie that it would help. Nope. It took me months to get back to a healthy PH balance.

But anyway, back to doctor Clark. I didn't have any doubt her equipment worked--I even tried a sycrometer, to see. It was spot on with what few things I tried, once I got the hang of getting the resonance to happen predictably. But it was much like a violin (which I've played)--not a guitar (which I've also played) YOU had to play the right note without any frets to guide you. It is very manual, or at least was.

So her awareness of the combination of parasites and toxins threw open the door wide for me. I got a zapper--clark style, since that was all there was back then and the herbs and off I went. I found my car muffler had a leak, checking out the various sources of toxicity she talks about---the toxin stuff seemed pretty over the top, so other than look for obvious stuff, I just decided to do all that clean up stuff as I could.

Funny thing is, I've never needed to--I've gotten quite healthy with only getting a new muffler. I know now (from the memories in the collective unconscious) those were written by a team of 'elite' disinformation agents, under that Dentist's control. They were in fact trying to scare the heck out of everyone aka fear mongering and make her protocol far too daunting and odious, so that people would give up. Plus make you spend thousands of your hard earned dollars replacing a mouth full of 'evil' fillings. It's like a wet dream for them that so many are falling for it.

Yes, there are toxins, for sure, but some, like thallium comes from personal care items, not fillings. Or that a lot of things aren't as prevalent or damaging as they hyped them to be. Stuff like that. They went thru her whole book and added the erroneous information very thoroughly. In return she wouldn't be 'dissappeared', and her clinic wouldn't be mysteriously fire bombed.

They had her fudge on their biggest money maker, cancer, too. She knew how to heal it, which means she knew it was a fungus, but she says only maybe some kind of virus. Her sycrometer wouldn't say--maybe some kind of virus. It would say exactly what kind of virus if it was one. Compared to her certainty for everything else, that's clearly something amiss.

She truly wanted to help humanity which ran her right up against the 'elites' and their cartel trying to kill humanity but slowly so they could get all our money first, but them being bigger and meaner, you can guess how that'd go, even without the rest of the story.

I read about Dr. Clark's education along the way, in the early days (wish I'd saved it), and in a bio of hers I read, she had a Ph.D in biophysics, with her thesis being something about the frequencies of life, not some bogus starfish muscle. The 'elites' rewrite history all the time to suit their agenda without any qualms, so getting a university (a nice big 'donation' no doubt) to change that kind of thing is very easily done. Probably after the folks she studied under and with died or something, so there's no way to verify.

Her master's in naturopathy was done strictly for licensing purposes. She hardly needed it, as she'd been helping folks for quite sometime before they forced her to get it so she could keep running her clinic.

But as I've said, from her protocol, I never had die off, got rid of diabetes type 1, a haital hernia (omg--talk about hurt) the start of arthritis, which my sister now has full on. And all by the time I finished the initial cleanse. Doing it as she instructed.

Not just running around all willy-nilly, buying a zapper and using it half butted and then whinging it didn't work. I'm thinking some of them didn't even try one, but part of the job is to say you did, and it didn't work. Most of them aren't even sick, to know if it would have. At least that's what I see when I look at the memories of the employees---er---I mean 'regular' posters here.

Plus Dr. Clark says this:

"Trying the zapper on an illness to see “if it works” is not useful. Your symptoms may be due to a non-parasite. Or you may reinfect within hours of zapping."

Most of the 'regular' posters here have no idea if zappers actually work, or even what to expect if they do. It's like buying a fancy toy robot with various trick commands outlined in the instruction manual, but then never reading the manual, and whining that their robot won't do tricks. Even if they're just pretending, it still makes my head hurt.

Anyway, Dr. Clark was very much a scientist, (She'd have made any CSI happy) following where the evidence led. I'm sure she wouldn't have liked my spiritual source at all---no documentation, you know. There was nothing wrong with her Science or the outcomes she got--only that it exposed the cartel's entire 'medical' industry lie. Every single modern disease she tested had a parasite and toxin. Every one (except high blood pressure). Can that be a coincidence, really? Every single one?

I can see the memories of them planning this huge almost unbelievably audacious scam since the early 1800's, laying in block after block. Getting their minions 'doctors' into every town, getting rid of the herbalists and midwives who'd recognize the symptoms as parasite infestations, pulling the electrical type instruments that actually could kill parasites in the '30's, 'discovering' and renaming new diseases that were just old parasite symptoms, developing poisonous pharmaceuticals that at first actually did help (had some anti-parasite stuff in 'em) to trick people into thinking 'drugs' worked better, and many more steps, all carefully instituted.

But then---Wham--Dr. Clark exposes it all, not even knowing she what she's done. I see them realizing the frequencies would give the whole scam away. That's part of why they destroyed Rife--so he didn't go there, but an idea will have it's time, and they weren't looking for a woman to be trained enough to do it. Plus she was in Canada--they aren't paying much attention to Canada--not known for it's innovation. They got to her as soon as they could but she'd already healed some very influential people, so when they jailed her ('dragged out of bed in the middle of the night' style) those influential folks didn't let up until the 'elites' brought her out to court.

The judge was appalled by their treatment of her, looked over the 'case' they had against her and promptly threw it out. He apologized profusely and immediately let her go. Oh they kept trying though, and her clinic made her very vulnerable. She really wanted to help as many as she could, and needed it to do that. I see her caving to their pressure more than once, when they threatened her clinic--I'm seeing that's the biggest reason for moving it to Mexico---The Mexican government (I see she helped one of the important men's wife) was supportive of her and they had no qualms about hurting/killing any invading U.S. mercenary sent to do damage.

In time, the 'elites' managed to buy some local Mexican agents, and the threats resumed I'm sure. And then, not trusting her to not put it all together, and expose the whole huge scam (and people listened to her), they managed to get a gal on her kitchen staff, who put cadmium (obtained from a battery) into her oatmeal frequently.

I do see Dr. Clark trying to treat herself, but not realizing it was cadmium poisoning until it was far too late. :( And as the 'elites' always do to their enemies, they tried to destroy her credibility and the possibility of her being completely right. Claiming she died of 'cancer' which Cadmium poisoning mimics at the end. They really hated her.

That's why they always find child p 0 r n type stuff on their whistle blowers computers too, or hanging in their closet by their belt, depending how badly they want to besmirch the person, surrounded by kiddy or fetish p 0 r n. And everyone stupidly believes them--just because their biggest scam of all 'free' media TV says so.

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