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Re: From Bedridden to Hiking I Healed
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: From Bedridden to Hiking I Healed

I posted the below story about 5 years ago and wanted to edit it. Last year I had another episode and have done alot of research about what is causing my anxiety. Keep in mind 6 years ago during my horrible debilitating anxiety I had gone to a hormone specialist who didn't know what was wrong with me. Then I went to an integrative doctor who also specializes in hormones and have seen her the last 6 years. I did hormone test and tested low in hormones but they wanted me to do more testing at in for Lyme and other things. So quit by accident I started eating more soy off and on. I looked at my old tests. Bingo the answer was so simple I was very low in estrogen. The low estrogen made me incredible sick and unable to tolerate a lot of things.

From 5 years ago:
I did a brain retraining program called DNRS. I also worked with one of their coaches. A lot of it's contents deals with altering the brain by building new neuro pathways. The program does have a lot of fluff in it. The coach actually helped me more. The basis is rooted in positive thinking but it's strategically done along the lines of mindfulness. You really do have to stick with it and practice it daily. I was so bad it was a 24/7 job. Mindfulness sounds simple but try doing it on a mind that keeps wanting to go down the dark path. There is lots of Science behind it too. They go over a lot of it in the program. For some people it might be harder to apply and understand how to get on top your your thoughts and emotional responses. It's the emotional responses that release hormones. The more emotions/stress the more you use up your resources. That is when we downward spiral and start having fatigue, digestive issues, brain fog etc... This worked wonders for me and it was my miracle. I probably had an advantage with the brain retraining because I worked in the positive thinking industry when I got so sick. Kinda funny really that it ended being the answer. I had never heard of DNRS or brain retraining.

There is a book For amino acids called The Mood Cure. I used gelatin because I could not take pills without zapping my energy. It also helped my gut issues. I also did bone broth. Later as I healed I was able to add more supplements. So those where L-theanine, Gaba and Tryptophan and a protein powder with a wide range of amino acids. Later I added B complex. I also worked on processing past stress. I found a technique after I had healed 70 percent that deals with processing old stress and I really think it changes brain pathways as well. It's called The Hamr. The Hamr is pretty amazing.

When you have these issues going on you still may need to find if there is a virus, bacteria or other health issue. But it is really important to not pay attention to the stress that causes. I know easier said than done. I was horribly sick I knew I had to do something. All people don't get as sick as I was. They may be able to work and function more but have a horrible reaction to mold. Your brain gets used to taking the stress pathways. It's like an addiction. It starts really getting attached to what is wrong and being in a state of alarm. Week by week as I changed my thoughts and my actions I saw little improvements. They were not huge leaps but I was super crazy mentally and very sick physically. As my emotions got better the inflammation it cause went down in my body and my brain.

So I did brain retraining for 1.5 years. I did amino acids for a little less than a year. Also at about one year I went to a Chiropractor that worked with Standard Process products. She helped me heal my kidneys, liver, spleen and other organs that were stressed.

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