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Not sure if it's just amalgam poisoning
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Published: 7 years ago
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Not sure if it's just amalgam poisoning

I'm not sure if the forum behavior patterns #461 shows are completely due to Amalgam poisonings. WhoAreYouNormally, I did take some time to PM with the person after reading their posts about having been able to step off of insulin some decades ago on Hulda Clark 's therapies.

However the question of how heavy metal poisoning will effect a person's behaviors and personalities is an awfully interesting one! I had a grandmother who made it into her late 70's who had several Amalgams through her life. She was somewhat religious about her beliefs, couldn't tolerate listening to music on speakers (certain frequencies made listening to them painful for her), and had difficulty in relationships with her adult children because of certain aspects of how she related to folk socially;

* She wouldn't nag, but she would state straight out what was right and what was wrong from her point of view (nose seemed to be a little up in the air)
* She'd carry out plans to try and alter other people's behavior (subtle schemes that made her children stop accepting her help with some things)

rgh. I wish I could think up more specifics, since Grandma was like a second mom to me, but it's been over 28 years since I was around her physically last. She was amazingly self-motivated and independant. She chose dry fasting for ending her life a year after her husband passed on from cancer, and it still puts my father's side of the family to wondering.

Death with dignity, I suppose? She preserved her life savings and investment that way, and the family is still dealing with the inheritance issues that come afterwards in the states. But I can understand why she chose the path she did- elderly care is a big industry and she was in pain/not feeling sharp in the head.

#461, thank you for sharing the story of how you treated your case of diabetes, the advice on the best herbals to use, and the techniques that have worked best for you. I do feel some concern and confusion when I read your posts about dragon riding, archaeons and the spiritual experiences/beliefs you have garnered over the years. There are some things that the general public will not be able to relate to publically, and much of your material (such as posts in the Spirituality Forum ) is best suited for a personal blog. You're indeed writing a novel there!
However, you have argumented /vehemently/ for zappers and in some forum posts not presented yourself in the best light- and manners really, really count here on CZ. I think zappers are an important tool to share, but not the only one that can give the same results you've experienced.

WhoAreYouNormally - I agree with getting Amalgams removed, though with the utmost caution. I had 13 removed fully and a root canal taken out by an IOMT doctor with over 20 years experience.
#461's fillings may have come out the best way possible since there was no drilling and spraying/aeration of the material though- when having conversation with folk at the Iodine forum and a separate site focusing on non-chelation supplementation for pushing out heavy metals ( ) both consider it the best, getting the tooth to push the Amalgams out by regrowth.
I suppose it's a balance, the number of years of Amalgam leakage vs a quick removal? It's almost always a question of having the money for the investment.

The first year after getting all those fillings removed, my symptoms did not have an immediate improvement, but my digestive system has been healing very well. Mentally, there's a huge change and a positive outlook on life, where before much of it was a state of feeling hopelessness and insurmountably when looking at my problems. Personally, I'm glad it's not a war of attrition any longer with the amalgams.. and that a balanced gut flora has a chance to grow (since the inorganic copper and mercury isn't flowing down with my food and acting as a constant Antibiotic now).

This is a post in the electromedicine forum, right? I recently got a pair of Spooky2 rife frequency generator home, and I'm chuffed about them. :) I'm happy to finally be able to use the zapper freqs, and I experienced quickened healing by using the burn heal frequencies on my hand after an accident in the kitchen on Sunday. I felt 10,000 hz buzz right into the burned areas, and after that my fingers have been completely pain free and never formed a single blister. (Skin looks completely normal 1 and 1/2 day afterwards).


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