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Ylang Ylang a possible cure for Strongyloides / Strongyloides Mimic (topically and internally)?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Ylang Ylang a possible cure for Strongyloides / Strongyloides Mimic (topically and internally)?

Blessings upon you.
Whatever you have sounds just like what I've been battling since the summer of 2010.

I've found a few things that help, and one thing that seems to be killing them like nothing before.
I assumed they were strongyloides, but have yet to find a doctor who will take me seriously.

What I've done that works for me (after much that did not):

Apple Cider Vinegar (1-2 TBS) in a glass of water (however strongly you can take it) lowers their numbers and restores clarity/eliminates brain fog.
I did it for 2 months (once or twice a day depending on how much they were bothering me) before I couldn't handle the taste anymore and began to slip a little.

Fortunately for me, I ran across an article citing a useful plant that I confused with Ylang Ylang essential oil and ordered Ylang Ylang essential oil thinking it was the right thing. I later learned Ylang Ylang wasn't associated with strongyloides (as per Google, anyway - when I look now - Maybe it no longer comes up in results).
Topically, these critters can't stand Ylang Ylang and may rebel for a second (dont' worry, they can't handle this powerhouse flower oil for long), but they don't seem to be physically capable to rebel after that. It burns to an extent undiluted, so mix it with water in a spray bottle (30 drops to 4 ounces of water should do it).

I swear by it now and spray surfaces I've sat on, the tub after a shower, the bed, etc. Alcohol was my spray bottle choice for regular disinfection of the house before Ylang Ylang, and I used bleach and water in the shower (after reading that alcohol and bleach or sea Seasalt water will kill them - these helped a great deal even sprayed on the skin with some dilution when I was desperate).

Taking Ylang Ylang internally is a choice. Listen to your gut. Some websites say it's fine. Others say not to. I can take up to 10 drops in a glass of water easily without trouble, but I started out with one drop and worked my way up to test my tolerance.
Ylang Ylang can make you sleepy at first as it's a sedative, and it has a distinctly sharp, flowery taste, but I look at it as 'wild medicine' and deal with it. It doesn't deter me at all now, and I don't need a chaser. If the taste is a problem for you, you can mix it with anything and it will still work.

These critters will rebel as much as they can at first, but they do stop, and eventually their once annoying, distressing, itchy, painful, scary reactions (especially when under threat) are little more than blips on the radar. For the first time in six years, I feel like they "give up" in the face of this oil. Nothing made them give up before.

I'm not a doctor, but I felt a strong gut feeling to post about it tonight and found your thread with matching critters (white egg, and black fleck, skin emissions). I believe everything happens for a reason, and my happy accident mistaking Ylang Ylang for something I read about led me to what may possibly be a cure. So, I'm following my gut and posting.
I hope this helps everyone afflicted.
I've assumed it was strongyloides for a long time, but who knows what it is. Google the article about Jamaican scientists (Jamaica, Strongyloides, Pudica) working on a cure. They've found plant extracts that aren't necessarily cheap that kill the larvae quickly and unequivocally. There's hope beyond hope, and if someone told me that last year, I would have been angry and cried; I was so discouraged. Now, I'm convinced and determined to heal.
I will heal.
Nature provides things that even MERSA can't overcome. It just calls for experimentation on our parts if we're comfortable with it and can't find a doctor (who deserves his credentials) to take us seriously.

Much good luck with your journey. I intend to report back in a few months and when I eventually get every last one of these evil things out of my body. I have been using Ylang Ylang oil since last month, and while ACV was keeping me sane and had their numbers down, Ylang Ylang has me convinced I'll have them out of my body by the beginning of next year if not sooner.


note: Quick note. When I used Pyrantel pamoate (in horse paste), I had a bad dissemination of this critter and scary ankle edema that landed me in the hospital (where I received no real help and had to clean out my system later at home with lots of water and Miracle-Mineral-Supplement : the miracle solution that helps detox but never killed them even close to entirely for me). The hospital said I was far too young for edema and that there was nothing wrong with my organs. They ignored my belief that I have parasites and didn't even write it down in the medical report I was sent home with (first time I wasn't treated rudely about it, though -just dismissed)...
Garlic also made them spread out to places they hadn't been before (they don't like it at 10 tablets a day, but it didn't get rid of them, or even come close, after several weeks of using it). Dr. Hulda Clark 's protocol helped a bit, but the black flecks went wild and didn't seem effected by the protocol. Ivermectin never worked. At all. And that was a head-scratcher because it's meant to be the drug of choice for strongyloides. Maybe this isn't strongyloides, but it behaves like ti as is sentiently aggressive whem attacked with meds and herbals.

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