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Re: Iodine deficiency or something else? please help!
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Iodine deficiency or something else? please help!

I had many of your symptoms. My previously good health went South in my late Twenties. It was not until roughly age 40 that I started to make progress with it.

Back then we did not have resources like Curezone so people had to trust their doctors. My mainstream docs were not so helpful. Later a couple of semi-natural doctors were helpful but the big break came really from online information, from groups like ours.

For cold hands the supplement Thyroid Helper has been helpful for 5+ years. I think the selenium in it is the main reason since taking Se also has that effect. Se is required to convert T4 to T3. It might be much more helpful than iodine, although I take very modest amounts of it too without any obvious effect.

Thyroid Helper also contains tyrosine. Ty. is involved in production of T4 and catecholamine neurotransmitters.

I would get a good hormone panel. I suggest that you get *both* DHEA and DHEA-S and compare them. You are looking for much higher DHEA hinting at a possible liver sulfation weakness.

I had that issue including the heart palps. Cutting back on the intake of DHEA from 12mg to just 20mg pregnenolone eliminated it over many weeks. It is a long story and somewhat involved. sorry I don't have a link to a previous post and no time today.

Zinc might help a little with the possibly low T.

With "fatigue" you have to determine if it is related to catecholamines (adrenal medulla, low noradrenaline, etc), or more of an adrenal cortex issue--low cortisol etc.

If your eyes are glazing over, you have your homework assignment--been there : ) Adrenal support can be life changing and well worth the many hours of study!

Don't assume your doc will help you with any of it. a close female friend went to a endocrinologist for over ten years for thyroid meds but he did NOTHING for her list of hypoadrenal(cortex) problems as long as her arm--SOB! It messed up her life and was more than unpleasant for me in the relationship.

It was not until I kept reading the similar reports in the heavy metal detox groups about adrenal fatigue that I finally realized what was going on and got her to a FM doc for tests.

Remember if you get the 4x saliva taest you want to do it on a day after you've had some stress and so you expect to feel the fatigue from it. Many things can cause or contribute to fatigue. You'll want to try to determine if adrenal cortex issues are contributing.

If you are young your adrenals may keep up with stress and other hormones for a little while. They may actually make more cortisol for a while and then run out of gas. so you have to get the test on the right day.

There is So much more that could be said. My friend and I spend years chipping away, thankfully with much improved health.

I would definitely stay away from the Silver! It is a heavy metal (HM). It is one thing to use it topically but not internally. Remember 300 yrs ago they used mercury like that and people would go insane. Silver is not as toxic so it will just take longer to make you insane. There are much safer alternatives.

I bet you have inattentive ADD and catecholamine (Cat) Depression like me. There might be other issues too--thyroid, adrenal cortex, gut, etc. A trial of supplements for ADD might be interesting. Remember iron is involved in both production of Cats, use of thyroid hormone and candida.

Remember heavy metals can cause or contribute to all of those. With Cat problems I tend to suspect lead (old paint dust) and cadmium ( 420, old paint dust, etc ) more than mercury, but HMs have a nasty synergistic effect when present together. Yahoo's frequent dose chelation is a good group for this although we have a Cutler and other detox groups here as well.

Eventually learn about methylation support, especially B12. Be careful about taking too much of it too soon. Some people can become really agitated with it. I am one. You may have to go easy on the methyl form of it or that form may be a magic pill. You have lots of methodical, thoughtful experimentation to do. There is a good group on this topic online but I don't have the address handy.

I assume you'll want to address the symptoms first so your life will be more functional but eventually look for underlying causes and contributing factors that mainstream docs will not have time to discuss.

Check out the 1000+ hair tests and symptom lists from the detox groups.

Dr Mark Hyman on FM doctors. In one of his books he writes that he went to ten other docs before someone recognized that HMs were contributing to his problems.

Do your homework! Your life doesn't have to be messed up like mine was!


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