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Attack/harassment post number one--of 7.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Attack/harassment post number one--of 7.

Attack/harassment post number one--of 7. You are a really determined information twister, you take what info you want and completely ignore anything that doesn't fit your agenda. You know perfectly well, the reason the cancer started was because I stopped zapping but kept taking the herbs for Dr. Clark's protocol.

The zapper stops the 'cancer' fungus carrying flukes, not the herbs so the flukes were able to spread and infect me with the 'cancer' fungus they carry. I'll not make the mistake to stop zapping ever again, and so will remain entirely cancer free, unless someone poisons me with cadmium, like Dr. Clark, which mimics cancer in the end. And even Dr. Clark said to basically use your brain and discover new or different stuff, based on the start she'd made. She wanted you to use what info of hers you found helpful, not treat it like the holy bible taking every word as gospel truth (which it isn't either--not even close) You really can't do independent thinking, can you?

I rail against criminals who's actions are very clear in the memories--they have no intention of helping, only pushing what they know are worthless remedies. They don't care at all that their misdirection/misinformation could end up killing folks but the OAS does.

Your consistent on-going attempts to spin what I say only proves to me that your intention is to discredit and manipulate me and you have not yet succeeded. And I can only point out that this would be EXACTLY what a disinformation agent for big pharma or the 'elites' themselves would want to do.

I represent the most credible threat to their many agendas, as an Oracle, not just big pharmas. They know what an Oracle is, and if they could have gotten to me, I'd have been dead years ago---but the OAS has gotten pretty good at protecting us candidates. All they can do now is grind their teeth in frustration, hope nobody believes me and attack me with folks who act just like you and that Chadwick fellow, trying to discredit, belittle, and 'neutralize' me via claims of insanity or ignorance.

They've been trying since I came back to get me to shut up, or back down. But I know what I know, and folks like you guys can't make me, despite many efforts to pretend like folks like you have. If they actually had, all this harassment would have stopped, but since folks like you keep going on and on and on (really? 7 posts harassing/attacking me today alone as well as that dear stalker Chadwick's 8 posts last nite says you are trying to blitzkieng me and overwhelm my ability to answer soo many posts.) somehow says pretty clearly you're not successful at all. Of course it's folks like you, because with the benefit of a doubt, I can't say you directly.

And my 'one source' is actually 3 or 4. And including Dr. Clark, who stands alone. No one dared support/back her, so how can there be other sources?? But all the first 3 or 4 are from the spirit realm. I get most info from the memories of humanity, where yours are clearly on display and are quite definite about who you actually are and what you're trying to do. I get some info from the OAS. He know stuff about how the universe was formed, etc. But he's basically 'god'--a reputable source if there ever was one. And the other alien species around, sometimes pitch in info, but not that much. The real greys are the ones who helped me learn the real history of earth for example. They have been here the whole time.

So, you have sources from written 'research,, factoids, somebody else's written opinions about 'research' etc, which all could have been planted by the cartel agents since they own all the publishing houses and own or fund pretty much all the labs who supposedly do all that research. So, who really has one source?

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