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Re: Your opinion of course, otherwise you would be including sources for all those statements
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Your opinion of course, otherwise you would be including sources for all those statements

Incharge---If they got rid of the parasites, they'd have gotten rid of most any disease, instead of this one here and that one there.

You know just because you can cite 'sources' doesn't 'prove' anything. It's just some other person's opinion, probably paid for by those who stand to profit massively by pretending such 'research' which they probably didn't even actually do--just wrote it up, using pretend statistics or 'factoids'. And of course they'll get other compromised 'scientists' to 'validate' it---they make billions and billions of dollars--you really think they wouldn't spend whatever it takes to keep increasing their profits?? Could you be that naive??

I don't believe any of their propaganda--the 'scientists' will and do say anything their masters/bosses want. That it's being pushed so hard on here says the same thing---make people soooo afraid they go spend as much money as possible to get the 'mercury' out. *cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching* That's so big pharma.

Anybody should be suspicious of anything pushed here that makes them terrified and 'needing' to spend money either for a lot of little things, or bigger more expensive things. Be skeptical. Very skeptical of any such claims. Even a zapper--there are many overpriced ones out there (probably being sold by big pharma back companies to make as much profit as possible). Look around. I have one that's 150 bucks--had cheaper and all worked fine. I don't even have one of parazappers, but if this one I'm using now breaks, I'll get one of his, maybe the 100ish buck one or maybe a more complex version.

He is entirely happy to explain what each model he sells can do. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one to think he's one of the most trustworthy folks on here. Plus he's got a 30 day money-back Guarantee, I think he said. So if it doesn't work I'll just send it back, no big deal. And, if that sounds like a commercial---oh well. I really appreciate that fellow, I don't hawk his products--I just like to let folks know what a valuable resource they have right here on CureZone--and who has to put up with even more crap as I about the validity of zappers. He just has to be more careful because Dr. Clark's old nemesis, the FDA is looking for him to make just one little slip they can and will use to lock him away.

And my education taught me to see those kinds of patterns. Thank goodness, not the propaganda of the 'elites' disguised as in the box 'science' with it's so falsified 'scientific 'studies'. Guess they snuck that by you, eh, Incharge?

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