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Re: top parasite myths. how to really kill parasites. 7 years experience and what i have learned
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: top parasite myths. how to really kill parasites. 7 years experience and what i have learned

Very interesting story. Thanks for sharing. I have a couple of comments.
1. You neglect the issue of biofilm. I think getting rid of the biofilm is critical. Once I started doing bromelain capsules 2x day between meals, the parasites started dying faster. Biofilm is made up of magnesium, calcium and iron. Eliminating supplements that feed the biofilm is essential. Dr. Andreas Kalcker recommends an herbal formula called Stone Breaker to get rid of the bio film. It eliminates oxalates too. The biofilm keeps the parasites hidden from the body's immune system.
2. You seem to neglect the topic of cleaning out the colon frequently. You mention drinking salt water. I have tried salt water and found that it was really hard on the system and that I had to replace the good bacteria since the salt water flushed it out too. colonics were my first choice, since the therapist massaged my intestines to help move the water higher into the colon and she was able to add probiotics to the last flush. Many on this forum speak to enemas as being extremely helpful.
3. Here's a trick that worked for me. Take capsules of either cod liver oil, caster oil or pumpkin seed oil and freeze them solid. Take 5-6 to start on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. By the time they unfreeze, they are in the small intestine. The oil helps kill parasites in the small intestine, a place that I believe drugs and herbals don't reach. I eventually worked up to 10-12 capsules and every time I took them, parasites were eliminated in the next 24 -36 hours.
4. Your diet should be organic. The most commonly used pesticide in this country is patented as an Antibiotic and research shows that it destroys the good bacteria and promotes pathogens. That pesticide is Roundup and it is legal to spray it on over 160 different crops including rice, beans, tea, wheat etc. It is used extensively on Genetically-Modified-Organisms corn which is fed to animals raised for meat. Farmers keep increasing the dosage because the weeds are becoming resistant and they also find that they can use it as a drying agent on the crops right before harvest. So eat organic only.
5. I disagree about some of your supplements. The detox system of the body has a lot to do when killing parasites. Burdening it with synthetic vitamins and minerals is adding work. Also, iron and B12 feed parasites. I eliminated all supplements except for prescription thyroid and hydrocortisone for adrenal fatigue. Now that I am parasite free, I am looking at testing to eliminate those. I believe that worms attach themselves to virtually all the organs in the body. There is a Caterpillar for every plant, so why wouldn't there be a parasite for every organ?
Your comments about stretching, breathing, cold showers and dry brushing are the same advice that Yogi Bhajan gave to his students. I practice those too. His yoga is called Kundalini yoga and it is a prescription for healthy living.
Best wishes for a complete recovery.

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