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Re: A new theory on the cause of the cause of candidiasis
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: A new theory on the cause of the cause of candidiasis


Is Sugar really the enemy here?

With Sugar being so necessary for the functioning and maintenance of homeostasis, I can't help but feel on a soul level that seeing Sugar as the enemy is making a mistake.

Couple that with how few people have actually found long term relief, and it has caused me to question. One of the things I hate about this diet is how I see an apple and instantly associate it with a cube of sugar, the two being about the same thing in my mind.

Problematic, to say the least. Especially for those prone to having disproportionate thinking when it comes to food.

We know that not all fats are created equal. A tub of margarine and an avocado, though they have fat in common, should not by any means be viewed the same.

We can all agree then, that while the two might have the sugar in common, NOT ALL SUGARS ARE CREATED EQUAL! (And don't let any little blue sweeteners try and sell you otherwise!)

So how does this relate to chronic candida?

Quite a lot, I felt, but I needed more evidence if I was to find any hope of addressing a root cause. I needed facts that would somehow fit together with everything I had read about candida.

...But before I get around to that, I need to back up a little more.

This last year, I lost and gained my health to a disease called Morgellons. I lost my health when I didn't know what the cause was, and I gained my health back once i found the cause of the disease was. Pretty straightforward, right?

Except I was still sick, just in other ways, even after the morgellons had gone away. With candida! And eczema! Yay!

Then one day, while meditating upon this, I thought, maybe the same thing has caused both things?

Is that possible?

I knew that I had found the cause of morgellons. I was symptom free unless I managed to slip, and when I would slp I would instantly be able to point to a trigger and the trigger would always fit my theory of the cause. Then I would recover again, and be good unless I missed a trigger. (It's very hard to completely miss all triggers unless you're an a**hole about it to people, which I've learned to be slowly)

So now, a quick statement... GMOs CAUSE MORGELLONS.

Without a doubt. How else would the CDC not be able to find the cause after investing $400,000 in searching for a cause? Why else would a healthy 21 year old girl suddenly be so sick to the point of death? Why else would I recover after specifically avoiding ALL possible Genetically-Modified-Organisms foods?

Oh yeah, I cracked the code. But, there's more to it than that... And here is where I will have to post links later on to site where I found the facts I am about to tell you. I'm also gonna phrase it in my own way as I best understand it.

Many people theorize that gmo corn is to blame or the sudden rise in gluten intolerance. Why is that?

Well, corn is genetically programmed to rip apart bug stomachs when they eat em! Basically, the corn is programmed to produce a pesticide that rips up the bugs once ingested. Conveniently, this doesn't happen to humans when they eat corn, or so,we assumed... (Or trusted Monsanto's own studies, which to be frank, we can't truly trust on a scientific or logical basis)

...sounds too good to be true, right? And it is. Bummer. Because as much as we'd like to imagine programming a gmo crop to be something like this:

Scientist: "Okay, corn, I need you to kill bugs stomachs when they eat you."
Corn: "okay, kill bugs, spare humans."

It's actually a little more like this...

Scientist: "Okay, corn, I need you to kill bugs stomachs when they eat you."
Corn: "okay, kill stomachs!"
Scientist: "no, just bug stomachs. Kill bug stomachs."
Corn: "got it. Programming to kill all the stomachs."

Lol. You see, we're honestly quite sloppy when it comes to the genetic manipulation of another organism. This is of course, my own way of seeing things.

Either way though, leaky gut is on the rise and gmo corn might be to blame. If the programming of the corn continues when it is sill in our bodies, it makes sense that things that were already a bit hard on our digestive tracts (cough...wheat..) now became too much for our bodies to simpy bounce back from.

So anyways, bringing this back to sugar. What does this have to do with sugar?

A lot, actually. If you live in the United States, we are the biggest grower and supplier of sugar. But not just any sugar... I'm talking sugar beet sugar, which, you guessed it, is genetically modified.

For people like me who are sensitive to Genetically-Modified-Organisms foods, this is quite a problem. Hello, I didn't even realize that sugar was mostly gmo until a few days ago..? This explains a lot for me already, but when I looked ino it some more...

Holy sh*t. I might be onto something.

Why are sugar beets genetically modified?

As per this website, genetically modified beets are programmed to PRODUCE MORE SUGAR.

But wait! It doesn't stop there...!

It is also programmed to be RESISTANT TO FUNGUS.

Now, imagine the above scenario... The one with the corn. Do you realize the implications of this if the gmo crop continues its programming while still inside the body?

Scientist: "Okay, beet, I need you to make more and more sugar and just keep making more sugar. Also you're immortal and can't be eaten by fungus like most sugars"
Beet: "okay, so make more sugar, keep making more sugar, even after I'm eaten!"
Scientist: "Uhhh..." *starts having second thoughts but then receives paycheck to remind him he is just doing his job and he is comfortable here anyways so why make things complicated with precautions?*
Beet: "Eff yeah! The candida in people's bodies can't even stop me, I'm doing a really good job making more sugar!"

Lol so I get that this might be untrue. But it also explains quite a bit. Such as:

IF people eat gmo sugar from sugar beetswhen relapsing, it might leave them "back at square one" because the sugar beet might be making more and more sugar the whole time. It might continue forever, this creation of more sugar, with only half lives to signify a resemblance to an ending where such sugar is fully metabolized.

This can also explain why yeast might not be the bad guy here, as it is simply tying to eat this sugar that has been programmed to resist being broken down by fungus.

This can also ALSO explain why, when dealing with candida, sugary foods are still a trigger ( even fruits and starchy vegetables) as they don't help your body's natural ability to keep candida from growing out of control. The candida might also start to think its winning against the gmo beet sugar when it eats the regular sugar and start growing more and thus, a vicious cycle is created.

However, this also means all relapses aren't the same. Not all relapses will leave you back at square one if my theory is correct, though it is still a good idea to stay away fom sugary fruits and starches for a while.

So a solution would be that while you aren't doomed to never have sugar again ever with candida, it is possible after some time that you could enjoy fruits, starches, etc, and maybe even organic cane sugar once the infection is under control.

However... You will never get to go back to drinking sodas, any sugar that isn't labelled cane sugar, and other sources ofgmo beet sugars ever again. Which is easier said than done, its everywhere.

I'm sorry that this doesnt provide a better solution, however, if this theory is correct then if we could somehow find a way to metabolize the weird Genetically-Modified sugar we could provide even faster, more revolutionary treatment for the chronic candidiasis, than we have yet seen to this day.

I am NOT advocating going overboard with other sugars. If anything this disease has taught me to appreciate sweetness in moderation, as a new lifestyle choice.

Also, extreme amounts of sugar like whats in sodas are detrimental to your health and could also cause candida problems.

For now, this is just a theory, and I would like your thoughts!

:) -snoeflaeke


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