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Update plus What you guys think
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Published: 5 years ago

Update plus What you guys think

Hi all,

Newbie here again. So my peeling lips started during the latter half of 2015, I'm not sure exactly when it was, but I'll be going to my dentist to check my log because I complained to her about my lips when I went there so I can at least add that to my timeframe (maybe it was the beginning of it?). I only began to notice the whitening and peeling of the lips in the 'ber' months. I used to rub them when it began but I officially stopped rubbing them at Feb 7, 2016 after I read that it will temporarily make it better but actually damage and worsen the lips in the long run. Since then I've been "leaving them alone", not completely though, I apply aloe and clip off the growing skin just to maintain appearances but the skin does regrow and harden so it may as well be EC.

Anyway, attached here are 3 photos that I took after eating. Although I applied aloe, I let them completely dry so I can show the condition.


Before this, my lips were actually peeling horribly yesterday. It was after the gym and I guess the constant lip licking and sweat made them so white but they easily fell off so they look pretty fresh. Also to note, I licked my lips a lot because I thought licking them looks sexy and seductive (lol srs) and I'm pretty sure I bit and peeled them off before BUT they reform properly back then.

My main concerns:
For pic 1, what is the dark spot on the left corner of my mouth? There actually is also on the right but it is not as obvious. I swear there was no dark patch around the ber months of 2015 (when it all began) and Jan 2016. I only noticed it this Feb. Could it be Angular Cheilitis? Vitamin deficiency? Some kind of infection?

For pic 2, no that's not my tongue. That's actually the inner lip, mucosa I think is what you call it. I took it this way so you guys can see the crust and some whitening of the lower lip. I suspect the crusts to get worse again (they do regrow) and whatever normality you see there, I'm also sure some skin will regrow (they fell off during the gym yesterday when I wiped em off)

For pic 3, it is a better pic showing both upper and lower. The upper only began peeling around Jan 2016, but the most noticeable part is the triangle in the middle. If it gets wet it plumps up and gets really white. The other peeling of the upper lip is not as obvious because it is all very small but I suspect it to get worse soon.

Why do I suspect it to get worse soon? Well, when my condition began, it was only the lower lip. I am sure of this because around Nov-Dec 2015 morning, I was rubbing the lower lip off after brushing my teeth and I clearly remember thinking "Thank God it's only the lower lip". Now I have to be careful even with the top lip and I'm worried moreso because of the dark patch of skin that I was talking about in the first pic, I really have no idea what that is and I'm sure I didn't have that in January.

I hope you guys can help or give an idea on whatever it is and what other methods you think I should try. I am now convinced I have EC because if I didn't then I wouldn't be minding my lips all the time, right? I don't know if getting diagnosed is worth a try because I don't have cash for it right now and judging by the posts, most of them are useless or prescibe something that either does nothing or worsens the condition. I'd be glad to share more info if it's all a little confusing (I have not yet fully typed in detail what I have done during the first half of 2015 that may have led to this)

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