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Playing In Amongst the Machine, Anode and Cathode Revelations and the Mystery of Fear and Pain's Pleasure Synergy
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Published: 7 years ago
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Playing In Amongst the Machine, Anode and Cathode Revelations and the Mystery of Fear and Pain's Pleasure Synergy

After reading and listening to all I could find on the Rodin math torus subject,(the extrapolations are pretty extensive and interesting but often inconclusive as to an importance in any difference. I did appreciate these:

I decided to make one, rather than buy one, and using one of SMathews winding shapes.
I have the materials and tools ready, so now its a matter of fitting that focus into my fairly busy schedule.

It is very interesting how many, (I only found a few who didnt) went off with the design strictly as a wireless power source rather than as a body systems affecting instrument. It seems to me that the use of these coils by energising them with audio freqs ect, is in the harmonincs produced and in their mag field restriction, the vorteces are permeating tissue and organs with the specific frequency and milli voltage current much like a typical PEMF unit would but different in that the carrier is not the magnetic field but rather the particular to these style coils, harmonic field
w re to light and it's differentiations, uses and manipulations.(Since I didnt watch the Icke vid my comments may be off)

As Ive alluded to, the ability of the dimensionally bound personality to continually stratify the more gross or the more subtle discoveries and understandings is unlimited.

Such is the (re)discovery and power implications of the cosmic scaled sub atomic aether structure (as opposed to, but being exactingly identical to the, prior to the egoic awarness, gravity well, vacuum driven vortex of dimensions creations), and it's possibilities of manipulation; the crux being the never ending ability to find and associate an other, an opposite, of any subject sort, especially w re to it's being inimical in some way; and the philosophies of supposed, importance and freedom securing, created amongst such orientations of the ego's myopized discerning focus.

Thus the seemingly deeper findings and implications of such findings, ultimately, amount to no more difference than has already been discerned previously at any time, socially or personally, due to the fact that the subtle/gross is infinitely dissectble for the view perceived from the point of the egoic awareness.

Yes I agree, it is all interesting.
The light of day and the light of being.
And when we find nothing to Fear,
There exists no need,
for we perceive all things
prior to light's reaching speed.

Speeding up to see difference,
vortexed atoms, birds and bees,
Produces the entranced,
and the enamored of that view.
Who become increasingly lost,
positioned just askew
from the tangent
that is barely
surfacing all things,
such that one is next trapped into thinking ,
"Ah, a new----"


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