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Re: BREAKING Root cause of adrenal fatigue discovered! Not stress or candida, it's listeria!
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: BREAKING Root cause of adrenal fatigue discovered! Not stress or candida, it's listeria!

Hiya JG :-)

Indeed, the oxidation angle is certainly a possibility, but considering the broad-range beneficial effects of EFA's - even if some are being oxidised by HM's - some would get used for other vital functions.

I'm not prepared to give up repairing mitochondria and cell membranes which hugely helps the hormone receptors within the membrane work better, for the downside of oxidation that generally will occur in everyone to some degree with whatever lipids are ingested (whether supplemental or dietary fats).

Obviously if a person has awful symptoms upon starting a lipid therapy then that surely signals an issue, and would need to revise approach.

Just like i said in the earlier post - fish oil, no matter the brand, gave me honking migraines.
It put me off addressing my lipid/EFA health as i thought fish oil was THE EFA to be taking - plant versions being inferior.

It's really easy to be eating healthily yet the majority of lipids are omega 6 pro-inflammatory kinds of lipids.
When i worked out all diets i have followed they all promote a much higher 6 - 3 ratio.
So many nuts and seeds actually have a higher 6 than 3 in them. Even glorious hemp!

So after many yrs of not eating fish or consuming fish oils, and not having flax, i've built up a deficit of omega 3 functions and the Udo's Oil has already, within days, helped brain function and energy.

When something works, my goodness i need to share it! I'm not talking a little bit better...i'm talking mega shift in brain focus, much less anxiety and a mega push of energy - i'm now doing physical work with a smile in stead of a grunt!

I need to clarify - i'm taking UDO's OIL, not Ugol's (I corrected my other post)

I'm aware ALA has potential to chelate mercury from the brain - has the potential to cross the BBB and disturb mercury thus causing severe symptoms - and despite my HM possibility, without doing any intense chelation therapy, i have not had these symptoms. Although i have wondered if the migraines from fish oil are due to this link?

Hair test 2+yrs ago revealed high Aluminium, arsenic, and despite swallowing a partial mercury filling, that showed low on the test.

So considering i do have HM issues (was an industrial painter for a decade) i am not feeling bad effects from THIS particular oil mix for EFA's.


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