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Re: Need Advice on How Best to Proceed in Healing My Gut.
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Need Advice on How Best to Proceed in Healing My Gut.

From scanning your list, you've got a good bit of research under your belt.

It'd be remiss though if I didn't mention butyric acid for you in relation to your listed symptoms.

Here's how it acts as a regulator of a healthy gut wall (repair of mucosa), triggers healthy immune responce while lowering inflammatory cytokines, and keeps bowel movements regular:

It is part of GABA, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, a neurotransmitter that helps produce insulin, lowers anxiety (it's the major balancer of the exitory glutamate) and helps one fall asleep, and a good deal of other functions.

Butyrate is important in the maintenance of mucosal cells across the whole body, including the delicate skin tissues (under the eyes and in the lining of the eyelids), in the pancreatic and hepatic tissues (mucosal cells line the bile and pancreatic ducts), and.. well.. yeah. You have mucosal lining repair listed in your supplements list.

I'm not gonna say it's an immediate fix, but it is a great help, and -much- preferred by IBS/chronic constipation/bowel disorder sufferers for calming of flareups. It can be used either as capsules (as Sodium Butyrate, best smelling) or as fishing bait liquid (pure butyric acid) 1-2 drops in a full glass of water as needed. It's also fine for enemas, and applying on rashes and burns to speed healing of the underlayer of the skin.

In reguards to the history of Antibiotics , there's well.. a plenty familiar trend there. <:) Ideally there's a balance of both fungi and digestive bacteria in the gut, but Antibiotics let fungal-type reactions take over, and that's really uncomfortable when it gets chronic. As you and I both know (the mental side effects you list, they're similar here). There's some reports that over in russia it's popular to proscribe antifungals together with Antibiotics , to try and counter eachother.

Olive leaf extract's on your supplements list, it's quite useful.

I still use the butyrate intermittently for relaxation and maintenance, but after my first bout of using it regularly, I have been pretty regular and with healthy bowel movements. It's ideal to use alongside a quality probiotic, because of how it acts on fellow gut flora-

it inhibits candida and similar bacterium from entering their hyphal (infectious and biofilmic state).
It acts as a growth trigger for the probiotic strains being ingested.
It triggers the gut lining to begin producing mucous, which provides a material for the probiotic strains to adhedere to.

Remember your prebiotics! Carrots, whole grain rice cooked with a tablespoon of coconut oil and then cooled, whole grains, and potatos are the perfect sources of resistant starches, and those are gut bugger food.

God bless, and happy late-sent new year!


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