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Re: Flushes 8th & 9th
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Flushes 8th & 9th

I'm so sorry for the hell you are living through... I can very much relate. I have been trying to flush my liver for about a year and a half with almost zero stones and no results (URQ pain, inability to digest anything and every other symptom under the sun started following an overdose on prescription pills). I have realised, after parasite cleansing, stone softening herbs and trying EVERYTHING curezone recommends, that we often overlook two things: inflammation and scar tissue. It is very likely your gallbladder/liver is in a state of inflammation and if it has been inflamed for awhile, there is likely to be scar tissue as well, which is not detectable on ultrasound. Scar tissue is tight, can hinder circulation, bile flow and can prevent flushes from being successful. With the constant pain you are having, there's a likelihood that your body will form scar tissue to heal the inflamed tissue.

It is good you're using tumeric but I would suggest that 2 tsp is too much - small amounts of tumeric inhibit oxidative damage but too much tumeric has the opposite effect and could make inflammation worse. I know it's tempting to go hard out with flushing, clearing and trying to get those darn stones out, but we often go so hard with all of this that we don't realise how much we are stressing an already stressed organ. Here are some things I that are helping me reduce inflammation and heal scar tissue:

I think you NEED to be taking liposomal glutathione. It is expensive but it is the one thing that has made the most difference for me. It's possible, with the prolonged pain and problems you're having, that your body's glutathione has been depleted. Glutathione is the body's most powerful antioxidant and with any inflammation especially in the liver/gall bladder it is SO IMPORTANT. It will reduce inflammation and prevent further tissue damage. It needs to be LIPOSOMAL. I use a brand that also has phosphatidyl choline which I highly recommend. I take twice the daily dosage and feel much better but if I skip a day, I feel it very much the following day.

Second, I eat a mostly raw vegan diet as I have trouble digesting even cooked veges. I know what it's like to never be able to eat out or eat with friends. Hang in there.

Another big one - RAW EGGS. I had used raw eggs for flushes in the past but never knew the healing power of consuming raw egg yolks daily (without lemon juice which converts it into a flush). Start adding four raw egg yolks to your diet each day - whisk them into nut milk (two yolks per glass). I didn't realise that the vegan diet is low in choline which is soooo important for our liver/gallbladder. Raw yolks give me soooo much energy which I just don't have otherwise. My digestion improves when I am eating them and they are rich in omega 3 which will reduce inflammation also. They have a very gentle natural cleansing effect on the gallbladder. Use enemas if you start feeling a bit achy or detoxy. I'm sure eggs will help you. Use free range and preferably organic. No need to eat the whites. Choline helps our body produce an enzyme called collagenase which helps break down scar tissue (which is made of collagen).

Transdermal magnesium oil - our liver and gallbladder need magnesium to detox but oral magnesium is not easily absorbed or retained by the body. You can rub transdermal magnesium oil on your gallbladder when it hurts.

If you suspect scar tissue (which is very likely if you are having repeat gallbladder attacks - my mums gallbladder duct had lots of scar tissue when she had it removed) then you can use serrapeptase and nattokinase. Research them. They work. Even after your surgery (probably best to wait a month or two). They do lower blood pressure so best taken in the evening on an empty stomach. It's possible they could help with the cysts on your liver. People have had fibroids disappear. Read the reviews for serrapeptase on Amazon (doctors best brand).

These things will still be very helpful after your gallbladder is removed. It's important to take care of inflammation. Wishing you healing xxxxxx

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