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Cold Showers and Positive Ionization

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Published: 3 years ago
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Cold Showers and Positive Ionization

You have inspired me to go back to taking cold showers with all this talk of static electricity in the coffee grinder, and then my hair started sticking to my head and sparking my hair brush. Taking a cold shower is the quickest way I know of to saturate my energy field with negative ions. I have been on a couple of spiritual retreats where they don't even have hot water hooked to the showers, and it will become obvious really quick who the cold water wimps are because they start to stink. One of these retreats took place in Monterey Mexico in December for Christmas and they gave us instructions on how to take a cold shower, so nobody would have a heart attack and die. They said it was very important to do it the right way, like this~

Put your right arm in the cold water first and let it get used to the cold, then put your right leg in next, then your right hip. I stick my limbs under the cold water and brush them with a boar bristle body brush. After your right arm and right leg have gotten used to the cold water, then put your right hip in up to the waist. The repeat the process on the left side. Then you can put your belly and chest under the water and it feels pretty good. Then turn around and rinse your back and tilt your head back and soak the top of your head. After your head is wet, turn around and wash your face, then wash and rinse your hair. If you slowly immerse your body in cold running water this way, it is not so shocking to the body. Very shortly during the process, parts or the body that have not yet been cooled down will hunger for it. At the end, you can feel your body heating up the cold water. Waves of water that have been warmed by your body will be sloughing off. Then I find myself wanting to keep running the cold water on my body until it stops getting warmed. You cannot believe how good your body will feel after a cold shower like this. The yogi's say it makes you look younger, and people who take cold showers are half as likely to get a cold or the flu. So it has to be good for you.

I used to take a cold shower frequently, but abandoned it in favor of a hot bath. If we are maliciously being bombarded with negative ions (in excess of the incidental and accidental), I can think of no better or cheaper way to counter the effects of it than to take a cold shower. So that is what I did this morning.

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