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Dr. Hulda Clark, a true hero...
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Published: 6 years ago

Dr. Hulda Clark, a true hero...

Obviously I greatly admire Dr. Clark. She was a total pioneer in cataloging what frequencies went with what thing. And identifying that parasites were behind 99% of all 'disease'.

The cataloging was the basis of her PhD. As she was cataloging these frequencies, she kept running into unexpected commonalities. Every one with cancer, had beef liver flukes in their liver and isopropyl alcohol too.

Everyone with diabetes had pancreatic sheep flukes in the pancreas along with wood alcohol. And the list went on and on. Nearly every single big money making 'disease' had both a parasite and toxin associated with it. So she set about using her learnings to help humanity. I don't think she realized the extent of the 'elites' plot at first. She thought she was discovering a new problem.

Anyway when I hear something right, it clicks with me and from the first minute I knew I was finding the best way back to full health. I just knew it.

I had been trying some of the other piddy-putzy ways espoused/hawked here, and getting absolutely no where, but the pharmaceutical cartel surely appreciated it. *cha-ching*. I had been diagnosed with diabetes and had the most painful hiatal hernia, that was happening more and more often.

I started her protocol, using her two week cleanse and following her instructions for zapping and then her maintenance schedule. Her son invented the zapper for her so she could have a more portable unit. So she was the expert on it's use. There are different kinds of zappers now, some more based on the rife type frequencies, I think.

But they discovered her son's zapper actually did so well because of the wave shape of the battery current. First, she'd do frequency test with her sycrometer to determine what parasites and pathogens were present in the body, and zap, and test again to find they'd all be dead. That ability to test is what sets her work apart. And since the sycrometer is hard to learn and get test slides for (what a coincidence, right?), most can't duplicate her work, much to the 'elites' relief, I'm sure.

But I got one of her sycrometers and actually manged to learn to use it (on water). Too bad a group of more diverse and better trained engineers couldn't have designed one of these, as I'm sure her son did the best he could, but he wasn't a specialist. But if you think zapper denying is bad, just wait to hear what'd be done if some group like that ever dared to build a better sycrometer. That's far more dangerous to their agenda than a zapper.

Getting fired for life would be the least of the punishments, I'm sure. Anyway, I just didn't have the gumption to build a set of test stuff, like parasite slides, organ slides, etc. I just decided to trust her findings, because they felt right to me.

By the end of that two weeks, my blood Sugar was back into the normal range, and that horrid hiatal hernia never happened again. What a relief.

But she found parasites for things like IBS, Fibromyalgia, dementia/Alzheimers, each with their own toxin. I'm not sure if she ever figured out that this was actually the cartel was using these parasites on purpose to create these multi-billion dollars in profit 'diseases'. I think they killed her to make sure she wouldn't.

I'll be the first to admit, while her writing style is very homey and easy to understand, her books are very poorly organized and poorly indexed, and digging through the information there can be difficult, but it has soooo been worth it to me.

She was hounded by the 'elites' throughout her career via their various alphabet soup agencies (ask parazapper about that-take it to mean, yes, indeed, his zappers work!), in fact they arrested her in the middle of the night and held her incommunicado for 2 weeks, not even allowing her a lawyer.

She luckily had some heavy weight supporters willing to pound the system to finally get her freed. They brought her into the courtroom, the judge took one look at the charges and threw them out of court. He apologized profusely and told her he had no idea why they'd arrested her in the first place and then held her like that.

I think she ended up making a deal with the 'elites' so they'd leave her clinic alone because she didn't expose cancer as the fungus it is. She wibble wobbled, although she surely knew because she healed it all the time at her clinic, and it would have shown up clearly on her sycrometer's readings.

In the end, they killed her anyway. And to make it seem her method didn't work, they poisoned her with cadmium, which mimics cancer at the end. They could point and say---'see. she's a quack--she couldn't even save herself'. I really wish they test her body for cadmium. :(

A link to a copy of her book, 'Cure for All Diseases':


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