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AF. Heal your gut first.
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Published: 6 years ago

AF. Heal your gut first.

Good day.

Some time ago, I wrote that probably the gut has to be addressed first in AF. I also mentioned and posted Dr. James Wilson protocol on flora rebalancing.

Another important thing is Glutamine. It heals the gut, relieve brain fog.

But even befor these methods, the body could be detoxed with castor oil. Castor oil is known since ancient Egypt. It mentioned in the Bible. It was used to treat almost every desease 100 yrs ago. I think it was mentioned in Pinnocchio Adventures.

The oil heals skin inflammation, promote hair growth if rubbed into the scult, etc., etc., ...

Castor oil will also heal inflammated guts, "leaky gut" damage, etc. it will also clean small intestines. Small instestines have about 200 sq meters of absorbing surface. If it is covered with slime ( here on the forum, i found the correct name for it is biofilm ), the absorbtion will be reduced. So, vitamins, minerals, nutritions would not be properly absorbed. Castor oil will clean small intestines, it also stimulates smooth muscles (was used in pregnant woment to induce birth), increase peristaltic forcing the slime (biofilm) out. If one has SIBO, the castor oil will also help.


I have consulted with people who does clean themself with castor oil. This method was found up in the remote nothern villages where traditions have not died.

1) eat light breakfast and light lunch.
2) wait at least 5 hrs. after lunch.
3) Take as many ml of castor oil as you weigh in kilograms. My weight is 95kg so that i take 95 ml of castor oil. Mix it with 2X (for me 190ml) of freshly squized lemon juice ( do not use juice from the store!) or other sour juice. I use lemon juice. The oil coats the surface, no burning in the stomach.
Drink the emulsion. After drinking, eat a couple of slices of orange or something sweet table spoon of honey.

Use food grade castor oil. I am using one from Now Solutions.

The reaction is personal. I did not spend lots of time on the can. Some people spend more time. Some people may feel nausea (cold shower with head) helps or chew on raisins. Personally, i had no side effects. It felt like a warm cotton ball moving inside.

Once it out, i ate grated apple with carrots. Once i feel hungry, I just eat what i would normally eat.

Just after one time i noticed:
- a lot of energy.
- remaing part of brain fog disappeared ( i even thought i had no brain fog. There was a bit) Improved mental clarity.
- better mood.
- digestive problems are gone. stomach sucked in.
- better flexibility. it was difficult to put socks on when i was sitting on the bed. Now I can to it even if my leg would be 20 cm longer.
- after 2-3 times, facial skin became toned and healthy.
- I do not get hungry as fast as it used to be.

The danger is that gall stone may move (if one has any) and block the passage. I have not seen this happening to anyone while checking forums and talking to people. I thought that it would be better if this happens when i am ready.

Pregnant women should not use this method due to smooth muscles stimulation.


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