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Re: Severe Muscle Weakness/Cramping/Fatigue?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Severe Muscle Weakness/Cramping/Fatigue?

What is the shark man doing to prevent reinfection?

Irrelevant, it hasn't happened. Quite a few more people besides him have cured themselves;he is not the only one.

I only ask because when I was a child they gave me pharmaceutical pinworm medication, but they came back as soon as the prescription ran out.

He's been cured for quite a while now as have quite a few other people. Those are the facts and they have nothing to do with your own situation.

The warning on the label says not to use if you have liver problems. Since I have hep c, I thought it best not to use.

Smart move maybe. I am just reporting the facts ma'am.You are still sick with parasites after almost 2 decades, and other people here have cured themselves in 1-2 years using meds.

What would shark man take if his liver had been damaged by both hep C and every time he stopped taking the medication that is made for goats, who only live about 15-18 years at most, rather that 80-100 like humans, he experienced recurrence?

I can't speak for Sharkman or you. He doesn't have hep c but I think I read that he had serious serious liver malfunction that is totally cured now.

Oh, and by the way, vicious aggressive personalities are an indication of infection. It is parasites that crave negativity and make people hostile and mean to others.

Reporting the facts is not vicious or aggressive, only factual. Twisting the words into something they are not does bear consideration. You have an opinion about what parasites love, that's fine. I personally am more interested in the opinions of people that solved their problems and are cured. Same as if I were to seek financial advice I would seek out someone like Warren Buffet, not a $35k per year telephone person. That's just me though, call me crazy.

What is shark man doing to keep them from coming back? The eggs float around in the air, can be found on door knobs, and people stick their necks out trying to put their cheek against yours when they greet you to say hello. The healthier you look, the more intimacy they crave from you. How to prevent reinfection? Stay on goat meds unit you die????

Again he isn't sick anymore, so I am not concerned about what-ifs. It's a valid point you bring up but it has nothing to with the fact that he and other people are cured. They took meds and are cured. This is supposedly the purpose of the website and yet your speech get R's and he gets attacked. That seems to me pretty backward.

How is shark man protecting his liver? What about the fact that they become resistant to pharmaceutical drugs after a while? With herbs that is pretty much irrelevant. I was reading an article written by a microbiologist who studied the effects or herbs on blood parasites and she said she could see no evidence of resistance developing against herbs. So she doesn't believe resistance is an issue with herbs like it is with pharmaceuticals.

The fact that Sharkman and others are cured seems to disprove what you read. You can spend a few lifetimes reading and theorizing. I like facts. The facts are that Sharkman and others are cured. Mattk, ICU, lots of others. If you were cured I would be listening closely, but you aren't, so you could write 1000 pages abot 100 different microbioligists' opinions and it really wouldn't sway me one bit vs. the fact that sharkman and others are cured and they used meds to do it.

What is shark man doing to assist his body's immune system to take care of these things immediately, if anything? Or is he planning to just keep spending money on animal meds for the rest of his life? Do you have any idea what effect that might have on his liver?

I can't speak for sharkman. He is cured 100% though, so I guess he doesn't need to assist his immune system now that he is well. I guess if you are perpetually sick you will perpetually need to assist your immune system. I can't answer the other what-ifs. You can ask sharkman yourself, but according to him his liver is completely cured and functional after taking meds. His strategy worked to produce a cure and not a perpetual cycle of what-ifs.

Oh, and by the way, I have tried ivermectin, albendazole, the pink chalky liquid forget the name of it, and whatever drugs they gave me as a kid. Pink chalky stuff does nothing. Albendazole does nothing. Ivermectin gets results.

It seems like that is a good clue for you. Don't read anything into what I'm saying here. All I'm doing is reporting facts. I personally don't care if you take herbs or meds or do whatever it is you do in your life. I have no agenda here, but to me personally facts and evidence speak loud. Perhaps you should ask some of the meds experts here for advice or not.

The stuff they gave me as a kid may have worked while I was on it, but they didn't keep me on it. And there ain't no silver bullet. What is shark doing, eating ivermectin with every meal for the rest of his life?

Sharkman is cured as far as I know. Cure means that the ordeal is over and you no longer need to treat yourself. You walk around in life life normal healthy people. I think you are applying your situation to sharkman. I see that a lot in forums.

Trust in God. Avoid Pharmaceuticals. Protect your liver.

I am not religious. Pharmaceuticals cured quite a few people on this forum. Their livers are healthy and working.

I think you have a very weak argument, but that's fine with me. Like I said I don't know you and have no interest in how you live your life. From an outsider's perspective it looks like are knowingly ignoring very important information that could cure or help you, but whatever you do is your business. Trying to steer other people away from the facts with misdirection seems disingenuous, but that's ok it's up to everyone to make their own decisons.



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