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Implications of Consciousness and the Techno Creativity Interface: The Field Machine of Life
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Published: 7 years ago

Implications of Consciousness and the Techno Creativity Interface: The Field Machine of Life

w re to #9's post on electro medicine and how
A fire of the (g)ods has, again, been given to humankind.
Etheric chamber opening at the mall, news at 6.

For me,
One aspect I find is that, in the most accurate terms, we arent in this atmosphere of fields, subtle and more gross, and the accompanying 'things'. Nor are we in this field composite structure known as the body form of field sheaths, material and immaterial.

They all are in us, or perhaps more succiently said, they all are in the 'I'.

And the this'es and the that'es, is/are a metaphore of the holographic(like)creation, intermixed with perception and desire, superimposing another creation that is axised by/with another illlusory duality, premising one over another.
(kind of like the pure mathematics universe where the conception is of the creation of multiple, strictly conjectered exact replica models of units. 1, 2, 3 and another 1, 2, 3. When the more expansive and complete view reveals that any such concept is illusory(only true within it's own paradigm but illusory or incomplete w re to the set it actually is existing within.)

So in our creating association with illness and health or of a socialy accepted and unaccepted, and the distance between and the work required to either eliminate the distance or to eliminate the opposing quality, we find upon ever deepening perception that not only does neither polarity strictly exist in opposition to another, but that polarity is rather than being antagonistic, it is the empowerment factor that creates the defining principle of things and any extrapolation of things. Furthermore the opposition is found, after carefull investigation, to be synergisitic to a degree beyond the reality actuality of said paradigms of difference.

One voice said, Yeah we could blow up the earth, or we could create a truly civilized world. But where would all the negative associating needfull of learning karmic qualified creations, aka infantile personalities go?

It seems to me that the deeper we get into this life, the more we discover the same thing about things. From physical and etheric structure manipulating toys, to continually more sophisticated devices for healing. To the deeper implications of a systems understood to be illness, loss or error.

The predicating qualifier is that the illusion is illusion so we will percieve out of illusion. And to the degree we interact w illusion in illusory understanding, no matter how subtle, we are continuing the delima of illusion being real and that we are in it, vs it being in us.

I appreciate how you often provoke these diatribes 9. Youve provoked my creative curiosity more than a few times.

the delima arises upon the aquiescence to difference
the joy is lived upon percieving the synergy of it all

yeah the field machine of life is another toy in the hands of a child, a tool for positizing denatured circuitry in the hands of the healer and another weapon in the hands of those in bondage to dissatisfaction.

yet ultimately, it's all in time, and
life only truely really begins
when we find the limitations of time and
the catalogings of mind
evaporatingly entwined
seeing and living all difference
as complimenting concept divine

and on it goes

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