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Re: Is liver gallbladder flush a scam?
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Published: 31 months ago
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Re: Is liver gallbladder flush a scam?

It's just as easy to find folks on here that have cured their ailments after 10 flushes as those who are still struggling after 60. The ones who are struggling after 60, typically have another underlying condition thats causing the stones to be formed in the first place, which is not being addressed.

I'm reading through your past posts, and it honestly sounds like you're making progress.

So, have you done any lab tests, you think you have candida or parasites, do you know though? After reading through your symptoms I'm thinking parasites is more likely. So, a comprehensive stool analysis is something to seriously consider.

In any case, consider the dynamics of cleansing the body of parasites. You need proper nutrition to have a body strong enough to fight them off. Getting a hair mineral analysis, would be a way to indicate any vitamin and mineral deficiencies. In any case, magnesium, b6, b12, and zinc are the big ones to consider. You can tell if you have zinc deficiency by looking at your fingernails, white spots on the fingernails is an indicator. Molybdenum, calcium, selenium, boron and vanadium, antioxidants, vitamin e etc, could all potentially be deficient. If you have any sort of infection, bacteria, candida, parasite etc. They could be taking up extra reserves of those minerals. If you cant afford tests, go onto and type in what you eat in a day, and see if your consistently not getting certain nutrients in your diet.

Something about your collection of symptoms is screaming "auto immune issues" to me as well. What kind of diet do you have? Look into anti inflammatory and auto immune protocols. Consider juice fasting, it might make things better or aggravate things depending on your present condition, but it will tame inflammation and autoimmunity.

Look into taking large doses of turmeric or curcumin to manage inflammation while undergoing die off.

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