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Image Embedded Quered Answer on Silver Water Image
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Published: 8 years ago

Quered Answer on Silver Water Image

Seperate from this note but pointed to the discussion is that the note on the limits of an Electron Microscope posted by MonAtomic, didnt align with the info found by doing a web search on the magnification powers of the Unit. That search showing that the limits have continually dropped over the years and presently are much lower than stated.

anyway here's my note and the response I recieved from the TheSilverEdge, seller of the "CS generator" that Ive found to be, comparitivly, so persusive of silver waters abilities, Tech dept on the TEM, transmission electron microscope, photo of their product on their site.

to: Tech dept at TheSilverEdge

Ive been following the arguing thread (and dissection) on CureZone over Silver Water's, comparitive efficacies and attributes, between the 'solo-atomic' and home produced.
On the TEM photo shown on your site, of the(potentially) .0008 micron(.8nm) sized silver water particles. How are we to measure the shown particles? How do we know that the small particles in the photo are silver particles? Have you run those tests? Or is it evident for another reason?
The mono atomic site has a report but it's not distinct, so I wanted to compare his validating report to your photo.


(TEM Silver Particles photo:

  Silver Particles


reply from TSE Tech:

The Transmission Electron Photograph was taken by a laboratory when the Micro Particle Generator was under development. I have held the original in my hand; 80% of the silver particles (diatomic ions) depicted were (measured to be) 0.0005 microns (0.5 nm). The smallest particles at 0.25 nm (the theoretical size of a single silver ion atom), the largest at 1 nm (about 10%) The samples' chemical composition and silver content was determined by Atomic Absorption Mass Flame Spectroscopy, a forensic test which can determine the presence of over 200 metallic compounds or metals. Both the TEM and AAFMS did not come cheaply, Steve Barwick paid in excess of several thousand US dollars for his multiple tests results of each. Both tests are recognized scientifically as valid, valid by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, a division of the US Commerce Dept.), and as legally accepted evidence in any US court of law.

A TEM photograph of water would produce essentially a blank picture as water is clear and non-reflective. The void between the silver in the TEM photograph is water. Water molecules have a diameter of 0.275 nanometers, slightly larger than a single silver ion, and more than 50% the size of a diatomic silver ion molecule (0.5 nm).

I have read comments that The Silver Edge TEM photograph was just copied somewhere off the internet by some skeptics. With Truth in Advertising laws and Copyright laws, The Silver Edge must be able to prove and defend in court it's claims as to the TEM photograph should it ever be challenged by the FTC or USPTO.

With no disrespect (intended), people (might) believe when told that generated ionic silver isn't colloidal silver and that all silver ions are mono-atomic without questioning the statement.

There are 3 or 4 colloidal silver generator companies which claim to have TEM pictures of their generators (Silver water), two post either the picture or the results, The Silver Edge and the Silver Lung respectively. Add, ionic silver is mono-atomic silver, to "true colloidal silver" for the list of internet myths. The silver ions are mono-atomic claim has been repeated, ad naseum. To date not one has provided a TEM picture of only 0.25 nm silver ions as proof. Until that day, I remain skeptical of those who make the claim, especially in light of these individual's other statements

Silver (ions or metallic particulate) reflects light as a yellow cast to the liquid at diameters of 0.2 microns (200 nanometers) or larger.

You might want to compare our TEM photograph at 175,000 X magnification to those by Natural-Immunogenics, makers of Sovereign Silver at 100,000 X magnification.

You may also find this page interesting as to the "true colloidal silver" being tested by a University Medical School.

The CS generator maker, Collgen2, claims uniform ion size, a Collgen2 owner sent his colloidal silver to be tested by NI

In short the "uniform size" ranged from 1 nm (0.001 microns) to 46 nm (0.046 nm).

FAQ Colloidal Silver written by the inventor of the CollGen2® Fred Peschel

Why Do You Only Make 5PPM?

Why not? Ionic Cs at 5PPM has more ions per tablespoon then you have body cells!
The number of silver ions at 5PPM in an ounce of ionic Cs is computed at 1,000 trillion, so a tablespoon has more then you might ever need. If you are talking about a lesser product, with larger particles, you have a different story! Since the volume of a sphere is Pi x Diameter cubed/4, a colloidal particle of 100 nanometers (40 millionths of an inch), the largest allowed in a colloid, would need nearly 45 million ions or atoms to make it!
Silver protein, long the prefered silver ion delivery material, can be of very high PPM but unfortunately the protein surrounds the silver ion.

I hope this helps,

Best regards,



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