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1st post, please read!
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Published: 7 years ago

1st post, please read!

I would really appreciate some help, Im at my breaking point with all of my health issues...

For as long as I can remember Ive had health issues, from a visual standpoint ill start from the bottem up. Im a 28 year old male, 6 ft tall, 140 pounds, Im not on any medications or rx pills

Recurrent athletes foot on right foot
Cracked toenails
Enlarged lymph node on left ankle
Extremly skinny legs
Muscle twitching in calfs (pretty constant)
small white bumps where scrotum meets penis(not std, some type of oily skin problem im told)
Cyst in scrotum
hernia on left side right above penis
occasional hemmoroids
bloated stomach
redish spots and blotches where liver is(comes and goes)
gynocamastia (puffy nipples)
Small round brown spots on arms and upper chest and face
receding gumline
twitching tongue
small coating at back of tongue( not sure if its fungal or bacterial)
Very low facial hair that grows very slow
Pupils are always very small and at times pintpointed (when im flaring one pupil will be bigger than the other
Hair loss at front of scalp(not male pattern baldness, have no history of it in my family and its worse on one side but hasnt progressed in years)
Brittle dry hair.
Skin is pail and at times yellowish

Now for my physical and mental symptoms,

Chronic fatigue, Getting extremley tired and foggy after eating, If i take a nap when i wake up Im sweating and my mouth is dry and i feel extremley fatigued and disoriented.
Low sex drive, low libido
Pain in liver area(occasional)
Pain under armpits in lymph nodes (occasional)
Muscle twitching in various parts of the body(occasional) Small twitchces constant in calfs of legs
Poor bowel movements ( I go every morning but my bowels dont evacuate completely, constipation with occasional diarrea or loose stools)
Low libido/ sex drive
Numerous food allergy s
Im sure im missing a few things but these are the bulk of my problems

Ive been researching all of this stuff for 3 years and I know I have a severe bacterial imbalance in my gut along with a severe candida and parasite problem and have tried the candida diet (stayed on it for 6 months) and it made me much worse. I have tried all sorts of natural ways to combat these issues (tumeric, ACV, coconut oil, onions, garlic, probiotics... etc)

I am very scared that Im going to get cancer or devolop full blown ALS...

Ive made some progress and gotten to the point where I can eat a normal healthy Diet without flaring my symptoms thru exercise, meal timing, and stress reduction techniques but I know i wont be healthy until I clear my gut...

Ive realized there are MANY opinions on how to handle these issues and Ive read of alot of people making themselves substantially worse following the advice on different supplemnts or diets.

Ive read alot of good things about the 80/10/10 diet and it makes sense to me, the high fruit content will get the bowels moving and once bowels are moving then attack with antifungals and anti parasites herbs... Has anyone tried this or had any luck with anything else?


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