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Scared of dizziness upon standing up after one day of no food
LIndaWu Views: 1,626
Published: 7 years ago

Scared of dizziness upon standing up after one day of no food

Having a fasting buddy helped me so much. Without a fasting buddy, I would be afraid of fasting detox symptoms like knee hurting or dizziness upon standing. But with a fasting buddy, I wasn't afraid of anything. My fasting buddy is over her 30-day Water Fast now. I only did eight days with her, because I was too weak to read at school. Had a doctor appointment like right on the day I broke my fast and the doctor was scared to death, thought my life was in danger, and wanted me to go to the emergency room. I won't be going to him again, I decide, for another ten months or so. Used to go to him every three months. I lost ten lbs and he wanted to see me in two weeks to make sure I gained the weight back. Well, my weight was still in the normal range. He didn't look at BMI at all. But I know fasting is still very misunderstood, so I can see why he was freaking out. Grew a cyst from eating something the day I broke my fast.

I have recently learned the meaning of true love, and it's helping me to fight cravings and eat less. Otherwise, on non-fasting days I overeat, to my regret. The logic is that I should be willing to change if I really loved someone, just as someone would quit smoking or drinking or become a vegan for their love. I am much more diligent and even stand when I read now. For two days in a row, my food consisted of a medium plate or medium bowl of something and one avocado. I don't feel stuffed anymore. Also, about four or five days ago I ate four apple turnovers in two days and have been sneezing like crazy and had inflammation in the mouth ever since. I usually do not eat that stuff.

Now that I have self-control over food, the only setback is when I get scared. Because my goal now is to eat one serving once in three days, like a three-day fast back to back to back. Yesterday, for example, I could have not eaten, but I got scared I was reading my homework too slow. And today, I ate because I got scared of dizziness upon standing up. I need to remind myself in the least that this dizziness is detox, although any support or encouragement from anyone is greatly appreciated on the topic of dizziness upon standing up. And since I don't have my fasting buddy with me, I get scared easily.

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